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Vocalist Eline Fleury Drops Single

The Fleur-de-lis, a Lily often associated with France and symbol of the French royalty, is quite like singer Eline Fleury’s name. To me she sings like a delicate, regal flower in her new song, “Say Something”. She never fades, never droops in her assured vocal performance. Like Etta James or Ella Fitzgerald, just one note into “Say Something” and Fleury’s magical spell takes over. And like a lazy river beneath her vocals, the music arrangement picks up drifts of funk, Afro-jazz and American-jazz hues. “Say Something” is an idyllic song for any music lover. 

Fleury dazzles with her divine magnitude. “Say Something” is cool like cobalt. It has moments of grand light, many of which are Fleury’s prowess and skillset to hit different ranges (never over-singing). I think the way she’s structured the song gives the listener ample time to really marinate in her tones and vibes. You also get the sense that should this be in a live setting, she could easily improvise. Isn’t that what a great jazz song provides? Enough room for both the listener and the singer to linger as long as they want on certain notes. I think Fleury plays it perfectly. The music is stirring and moody at times. It felt like a solid emotional pull – a connection that was immediate. It also lasts from the first note to the last. 

I think she’s been holding in these words and this song for a long time and in many ways, it feels like a diary entry. She’s also exhaling so much and is comfortable in her own skin that she doesn’t have to hide behind any autotune or extra production. The mix is pristine, and it left me just so thrilled to hear such a lovely voice. Still, I can’t help but hear a little sadness in her voice. Maybe it’s the fight that she’s endured for so long and she’s still somewhat weary. “Say Something” has such a memorable sheen to it that the ebb and flow of the rhythms can go from dark to light. Perhaps it represents the evolution of women’s rights and African American rights. It’s a constant battle. She pushes all the right heartstrings, and she’s strong. What more could you want in a singer? That is a factor, that special authenticity is all courtesy of Fleury. 

Fleury digs deep “Say Something” is rooted with her pure talent. If you’re reading this and still on the fence about trying this song out, I leave you with one more accolade: her voice transcends. Yes, this is a song that fits into the jazz genre, and some Afro Jazz, but this is a song for any fan of any music. Fleury wows as a singer and artist. What an experience and what a complete joy to hear “Say Something”. Singers like Fleury don’t come around every day – it’s best to stop and really listen. As you can see, I have a lot to say about “Say Something”, but the proof is in Fleury’s voice. 

Mindy McCall

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