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Wingman Takes Flight On “Crash Land”

When Los Angeles rapper Wingman went off into the California Mountains looking to film his next music video, he got more than he bargained for. As his cameraman, Matt Trainor had the film running while Wingman was flying his signature helicopter the unthinkable happened. A downdraft forced the craft to the ground forcing Wingman to make an emergency landing. With all this caught on film, Wingman found inspiration for his latest single, Crash Land. Accompanied with a breathtaking YouTube video showcasing the crash, to the rescue effort; Wingman has set this event into perspective. Ok, so video aside how’s the song? Crash Land is a fast-rap-style narrative of the events and the emotions experienced on that momentous day. Detailing the rescue and his brush with death, this wordsmith is able to captivate his audience into an empathetic relationship drawing the listener closer to the artist. “I know I’m going to Crash Land, but I may not make it out, or make it back again.” With a humble approach, Wingman also pays tribute to the rescue team who braved the mountainside at 4:30 in the morning to bring Wingman and his friend to safety.

Crash Land blends a deep bass funk with explosive synths to create the main hook of this track. The instrumentation couples with the vocal harmonies to construct a melodic rhythm giving this single a full-dynamic across the listening field. Wingman is able to drop his rapid prose over a moderate tempo by opening up the frequencies around his vocals. The synth masterfully carries over the entire piece, while the groove catches the downbeat of the lyrics giving the punch the subject matter requires. Crash Land is a track which would fit nicely into any urban radio playlist, as it offers a mature and professional production, while captivating audiences with its subject matter. From a fan perspective, we are thankful that day in the California Mountains did not end differently, as Wingman survived to use this experience to grow as an artist and give us many more hits.

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–Lee Callaghan



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