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Candace Asher Releases “Don’t Lose Heart”

Candace Asher has a voice made for country music. In her new single “Don’t Lose Heart” the stunning singer/songwriter collaborated with songwriter Dwight Liles to capture an inspiring country-Americana gem. “Don’t Lose Heart” pushes the listener, gently nudging them to find that inner- furnace, keeping their spirits. The timeless message is especially heartwarming this year, and with the Asher vocals, one would be hard pressed to not feel like they couldn’t take on the world. It’s empowering and uplifting. 

At first the guitar mood is trepidation. It’s almost representing the hesitation and lack of confidence we sometimes feel – whether in a relationship or a big work decision. The guitar tempo picks up as the song moves along, but what I found most appealing about the song is Asher’s voice. She starts out with that same modest, humble tone. Her voice has such a pure sound, an elegance that I’ve heard only in Dolly Parton. While Parton has a twang to her voice, Asher just has a consistent pitch.

Her voice is wonderful, especially when she hovers above the piano keys. Colder winds in store, she sings, let me help you find the fire that keeps you warm, don’t lose heart. Towards the end of the song, if this were a pop song, I surmise that Asher would belt out like Celine Dion (“That’s The Way It Is”), but she keeps her cool. If you wanted another barometer to compare Asher, you might also listen to Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up”. Asher steals the spotlight. Even in the rustle of the percussion, the song picking up steam, she keeps her consistency and steadies the listener. She’s sincere and comes across completely authentic. You don’t hear that as much in modern music – but you hear it in “Don’t Lose Heart”. Asher allows the listener to find their own voice in the process. 

WEBSITE: https://www.candaceasher.com/

That’s what kept you going this far, she sings. I loved this line because even in the middle of the day, I remind myself ‘I got this’. I just loved the mood and the vibe of this song. It’s not overdone, there are not flashy guitars and bells and whistles that encroach upon its clear, porcelain finish. I think we all want a blank slate in life at one point or another, and this song reminds us that even though we have baggage or feelings or situations holding us down, we need to listen to our heart, and we can accomplish anything.

There by our side, is this voice of an angel, Asher with her natural cadence. She’s truly breathtaking to listen to and to hear this song live would be just as amazing. Asher generates the feeling of intimacy, but this is a song that begs to be heard by the masses. “Don’t Lose Heart” is a showstopper. When you hear this song, you will find hope sewn between the lines, you will find love and you will find an endless joy to fill your heart. “Don’t Lose Heart” is a winner. 

Mincy McCall

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