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“I Know” by Singer/Songwriter Jason Shand

After a year that saw many of us deal with a variety of personal tragedies, it’s easy to become jaded by so much. Last year alone saw the rise of breakups and divorces, and it’s slightly understandable, but disenfranchising to hear nonetheless. Love is more sacred than ever before, and there’s always the hope we’ll find someone new to connect with, but what about someone you already feel tethered to someway? “I Know” from singer/songwriter/producer Jason Shand holds the concept of love deeply close to its chest.

It’s not preoccupied with subtly hiding its emotional core on its sleeve, it’s damn near tattooed across its head, neck, and chest. Shand has always had an element of pure romanticism in his work. The idea that love is something you fight for, preserve, and when it comes to an end, it can feel defeating. You get the sense he’s someone with a tremendous amount of empathy for others, and maybe to a degree neglects himself. This song works as an isolated exploration of love and acceptance of one’s feelings and the hope that you’ll be with someone, but I recommend going back and listening to his albeit brief discography to get a true sense of who Shand is. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Shand has taken some time off to craft this song ahead of his new album release “The Petty Narcissist”, and it’s one I’m eagerly awaiting to listen to. Described as a collection of stories that have come from his recent years, dealing with the loss of his father and his recent marriage. It’ll be interesting to find out who the “Petty” one might be. Shand in “I Know” throws a lot of blame at himself for his actions in this song. He consistently states that things were his fault and that if he had known better, he wouldn’t have done what he did. The details remain vague, but in a way it acts as an empathetic vessel, we can attach our own misgivings.

When he says that he knows they’ll be together, you believe it, or at the very least you believe in the strength of his words. Nothing is ever set in stone, but the power of belief is a strong one. If you don’t tell yourself things will get better, how can you ever expect to motivate yourself that it ever truly will. I guess my biggest complaint with the song is that maybe it comes across as too hopeful, and in the wrong reading, comes across as potentially clingy, but that’s only for the most jaded and soulless interpretation. I think with time, it might even get the reevaluation that it’s one of Shand’s darkest singles. A painful look into regret and how with a change of heart and compassion, maybe we can all get it together and show that special person that we truly do love them, and that we know things will be okay. I think we could use a bit more of that in our lives today.

Mindy McCall

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