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Intelligent Diva Drops New Single (feat. Aaron Bing)

The biographical snapshot of Intelligent Diva, is essentially the tale of two women. There is the public persona, that is a Singer, Rapper, and Actress. Then there is the woman behind ID, who is a data tester for a software company, and an entrepreneur. Women like Intelligent Diva are not overlooked or forgotten. You will form an opinion about her, and will never regard her with insouciance.

One of Intelligent Diva’s distinctions is her transparency. You can see her, and draw a rather accurate conclusion of what she sounds like, and her personality. On the contrary, there is more to her than meets the eye, as we established, previously. ID’s ambition seemingly has no limits, and she discusses her litany of projects, quite casually, and without much in the way of exclamation. In some ways, ID is the quintessential modern woman, in other ways, she is a bit of an anomaly. 

Intelligent Diva’s music is an extension of her overall persona. It’s also a highly erotic expression of the character, Intelligent Diva. Because ID is a mixture of so many contrasting elements, it’s a bit of a complex process, to comprehend her core intentions. They are of course, highly understood by her, and that seems to be the primary concern. One thing that can’t be denied, is that ID has succeeded in becoming an entity.

The new single by Intelligent Diva , is “Sex To A Sax.” The song doesn’t exactly lay down the gauntlet to the imagination, but nor does that seem to be the objective. “Sex To A Sax,” of course, heavily features a saxophone, played by Aaron Bing. Bing seems to subscribe to the philosophy of William Blake, in that the road of excess, leads to the palace of wisdom. Bing lays heavily on the horn, here, but seems to get exactly what he wants out of it. It might be worth going out on a limb, and call this one of the most aggressive saxophone tracks, in recording history. 

Intelligent Diva, shows no restraint in being as provocative as possible. For uninformed listeners, initial exposure to Intelligent Diva, may be somewhat jarring. To ID’s credit, though, she completely owns the content, and does so rather, unapologetically. On the one hand, it’s liberating to hear women embrace their sexuality and the subsequent expression of it, in such an overt way. As we’ve seen in other instances, women who are now exploring and presenting more mature content, are doing rather well for themselves.

From a strictly performance standpoint, ID delivers on “Sex To A Sax.” Her vocals are controlled, and her intonation is finely timed. The song sounds slick, and polished, and it keeps your attention throughout. It’s almost head spinning to cover all of the projects, that Intelligent Diva is currently involved in. One thing that cannot be understated is the almost inhuman schedule that this woman keeps, and does not seem to show an ounce of exhaustion or fatigue. If Intelligence is measured in opulence, then this Diva is at the top of her bracket.

Mindy McCall

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