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Song Angel Gives Your Music Wings

I am not a musician. I learned to play enough guitar that I can fake my way through a few Bob Dylan songs, play bass along with some Black Sabbath and Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”, and that is enough for me. I am a writer. Music, however, has played an enormous role in my life and, as a writer, I understand the uncertainty comes with putting finishing touches on something you’ve worked hard on and ferrying it out across uncertain or, even worse, uninhabited waters. Popular music and literature share obvious similarities, they want to communicate with their intended audience, but they are offered to the public in clearly different ways. I wish I had something like Song Angel to call on.

The ability to instantly know when a music professional or an otherwise interested party has enjoyed or at least been exposed to your material is, without a doubt, a breakthrough for artists. Song Angel’s app has over 20 notifications at its disposal to inform artists when someone likes your music, lyrics, and artwork, among others, cutting out the waiting time and enabling artists to connect with supporters, potential or otherwise. There’s no more sending your music out and wondering if anyone even bothered.

If you want exposure for your work but have no idea who to send it to, Song Angel assists with that as well. The company has connections to over 10,000 music industry power brokers and taste makers of every ilk. The app’s strengths benefit more than musicians/songwriters alone. Music management professionals can make use of features allowing them to better track their client’s activities while radio outlets of every type will find uses for the app as well. Song Angel enables them to find and connect with musicians eager to make a public appearance.

SONG ANGEL WEBSITE: https://songangel.com/dashboard

It is a company with a focus on serving their customers, without question, but they have hit upon some innovative ways to attract more users. Their June 2021 Giveaway utilizes the Song Angel Wings credits available for account holders to spend on various app features. Working in concert with their sponsors, Song Angel’s Grand Prize for this giveaway is 10,000 Song Angel Wings, a Kretzman Guitars limited edition tactical classic 1959 LP double cut P-90 guitar, one song mastered by Warner BMG engineer Bud Bremner of Coastal Mastering Studios, and written feedback on three songs from award-winning producer John Tomaino.

The Second and Third Prize awards winners 5,000 and 2,500 Song Angel Wings, respectively, along with Tomaino’s written feedback for one song. It demonstrates Song Angel’s ability to think outside the box and their commitment to involving their account holders in innovative promotional concepts. This is an organization poised to become a musician’s new best friend in a way few start-ups seldom do. It’s also a company who bear all the hallmarks of being a major player for years to come rather than another fly-by-night operation enjoying a brief run of popularity before crashing into the mountainside. If you are a songwriter or music world professional, it behooves you to acquaint yourself with Song Angel today. 

Mindy McCall



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