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Miami Based “MOLD” Drops Single

“YOU ARE BEING LIED TO” is the debut single by the band Mold! and luckily for us, everything on display is purely authentic. For a group of newcomers with a clear sense of love for making music, they sound highly professional and polished as they tap into the contemporary feelings of distrust and ennui that permeate their generation and I’m sure it’s something that’ll hit hard with the latest generation as well.

BANDCAMP: https://mooold.bandcamp.com/releases

They have expressive creativity and you can feel the clear synergy among the band members as they do their due diligence to express these complex emotions. Some might write it off as youthful meandering that’ll disappear with age, but the band seems to have more respect than that. The debut and the display the group show is incredibly confident and while it grapples with emotions of pain, anguish, and confusion, there’s plenty of sincerity that flows through the song that soothes the audience from allowing it to become a downer, and that’s really when you’re listening to the lyrics from its excellent lead vocalist. The song bends and flows like a river and so much of it feels like a memory of a late-night intrusive thought. The band’s influences will most likely be clear to those who are familiar with the genre in which they’ve made their playground, but for the uninitiated, it’s the best time to latch onto these guys and watch them grow before they inevitably go mainstream.

The band’s scope seems to oscillate between wide and small, and the whole thing begins to feel like a late-night hangout when the jokes have ended and everyone is just laying their feelings out on the table. It’s the kind of song that those who feel lost and doubtful in their life and relationships will find incredibly impactful. Something exciting with a debut band like this is that the sky is the limit for where they could go from here, and I hope they get experimental at this point early in their careers as plenty seem to become complicit in the easy hits as they get more and more popular. Seriously, I’d love to hear when an electronic-infused jam could be like from these guys, cause their skill at creating a mood is unparalleled for a band this early in its infancy, The music video for the track from director Gabriel Dugue is equally charming and seems to detail the growth, fallout, and rekindling of a relationship between two people as the outside forces tear them apart because of influences from others.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Being-Lied-To/dp/B094YMQY71

We all know what it’s like to have someone’s friend make our friends distance themselves from us for an arbitrary reason, and without spoiling it, the lengths in which the band metaphorically expounds on that feeling is just a joy to watch and will take you back to those fun days of navigating friendships both as a young adult and well into adulthood. It’s a niche sound, but Mold! has found a way to make it strike a universal chord.

Mindy McCall



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