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“And The Road Begins”

*Please note. This interview was initially conducted in Romanian and has been translated to English Via Google Translate.

Valenti is a musician from Romania. He regularly submits to The Underground Show and we enjoy listening to his music. He’s spreading positivity and good vibes to everyone. I had a Q & A with Valentin, Here’s what he had to say.

Hi, Valentin. Please introduce yourself to everyone.

My name is Cristache Valentin and I am an independent artist, looking for my own musical genre. I have been making music for 14 years. When everyone left the music area, due to the new wave and new trends, I entered with hope and confidence. from my family. The influences that dominate me come from the music of the '80s-90s from genres like reggae, funky, dance, blues and even hip hop, sometimes.

There were two essential things for me. The first was that whatever I did, it did not satisfy me in any way, as if it did not I found the place nowhere. I had a few more attempts but I didn't have the necessary decision. The second reason was that I didn't like how the new wave of music was almost forced. missing.
Your song, De Ce Te Plangi, is in Romanian. Can you tell us more about this song? What was your inspiration?
The song is an allusion to the disappointments I had in love. Reggae influences have always gone well, along with this kind of feelings. I also had influences from classical music on this song. After listening to it, I I thought of Ravel's "Bolero" but I didn't want to go in that direction. The play talks about hurt and unshared feelings.
How is the music scene different in Romania, unlike in the USA?
In Romania, the music industry is almost non-existent, from my point of view. Only oriental or close genres are promoted. No one is interested in anything if no money is made, as soon as possible. a playlist on a radio station and I didn't succeed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter your radio station and now even give this interview. For me it is an honor and I realize that I did not work in vain! I realize that music is universal and no difference in language or distance, it doesn't matter anymore!
Who are some of your favorite recording artists?
Ali Campbell ,Phil Collins,James T.Taylor,Bruno Mars,Justin Bieber,Stevie Wonder.
If you could transport yourself back in time, in what age of music would you like to have lived?
I would like to live in the early 80's but it would be impossible to imagine now what the lack of technology in today's music would mean. We could not produce so many songs, even if the competition is even greater.
You seem to be playing a lot of instruments. What is your favorite?
I play guitar on keyboards, the music but my favorite is the guitar. I can say that she is my best friend. I took her with me, everywhere I went.
The internet is great. It allows such an interview to happen, but there are also downsides to it, especially in the case of social media. What do you think is the most difficult thing with social media and the internet these days?
Social media is a deeply vitiated field of non-values ​​and it is a pity that the young people there are inspired. It is very difficult to stand out, if you have something to say, they are all mixed up and it is difficult to distinguish between them.
How bad was COVID if your area? How has it affected you personally and the music scene in general?
Yes, it was bad but here being in a provincial area, we were a little safe from the situation. For my wife and daughter, it was harder to close the company where they worked. For me, the only advantage was that I could I still work in the studio. With our money, our parents helped us. Now it's a little better.
We all have a favorite artist. If you could magically change bodies and careers with a musician, who would it be?
James T. Taylor from Kool and gang. I loved it, his voice in the first place. It was the heyday of Michael Jackson, and James T. was there unaltered. I realized then that in this world, there is room for everyone and no one is irreplaceable!
What do you think are some of the best tips you can give beginner musicians?
If you have talent, you have all the chances provided you work, persevere continuously even if it is hard at first.
Have you ever sung live? and if so, do you prefer to do live shows or record in the studio?
Yes, I played at some events when I had a local band. I abandoned everything at one point, when I realized that my dream is different and I built a home studio, where I make my own songs, lyrics and everything I need in a piece of music. I prefer to work in the studio, because I have a lot of ideas, waiting to put them in my pieces. I'm in a competition with myself and I know I'm just starting out.
What is a song that automatically triggers a strong emotion in you? Does it make you happy? Sad?
I feel like a song from the beginning. If it catches me, I carry it with me all my life and I don't exaggerate when I say that!
Are you a family man? What are some of your interests outside of music?
Yes, I have a wife and a daughter, who supported me unconditionally and even if sometimes I wanted to give up, they pushed me forward and for that, I thank them for trusting me. I like to do sports, I follow everything related to it. I am passionate about science and knowledge. I like to be aware of what is happening in politics here and abroad. in western democracies, especially since I participated in the revolution of 89, when the Ceausescu dictatorship fell, but that's another story.
Valentin, I want to thank you very much for this interview. Is there anything you would like to add personally?
And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to say what I think, in this interview!



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