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Greye Drops New Single

Greye are on fire this summer, and if you’ve heard any of their latest LP So Far So Good, you’ve got a decent idea why. For the past ten years or so, rock has lacked any real continuity with its historical foundations, as scores of mainstream acts have become so experimental as to abandon the core ethos that made rock n’ roll such a fun and exciting brand of rebellion to begin with. In Daytona Beach’s Greye, we have a band that could care less about what the mainstream pop trends dictate of their commercialized contemporaries; they’re out for blood, brawny beats and merciless riffing in their new single “Over My Head,” and whether you’re a hardcore rocker or not, it’s got a pulse I doubt you’ll resist. 

The smoldering riffs that guide the vocal in “Over My Head” are certainly large and in charge in comparison to what the other components of the harmony and groove in this single produce, but they’re not overstated at all – quite the contrary, truth be told. When the vocal makes contact with the vicious whirlpool of tension the guitars are producing at the forefront of the mix, it’s as though this singer’s words melt through the steel-like textures of the string play and introduce an affectionate but edgy part to this song that makes it all the more accessible to listeners of different tastes. There’s personality here, but it’s accompanied by the same punch of hard rock bravado fans of Greye have come to demand out of their discography. 

This mix makes sure the backend always has a strong presence beside the cosmetic melodicism of the vocal and the guitars, and while I don’t know that other singers could have contended with the throbbing bassline in “Over My Head,” Greye appears to have the right person for the task in Hannah Summer. The drums actually have to grind against the riffs as we slide into the chorus just so they can keep pace with the bass, and although they create a tandem wall of noise as intimidating as a tidal wave, it’s not so beefy that each instrument loses distinction in the mess of distorted warring. A critic like myself lives for detailed execution, and this band has the concept down perfectly. 

I’m eager to hear more of what Greye can do having just got into their music a little while ago, but after looking at the entirety of their catalog and comparing it specifically with the ambitiousness of “Over My Head,” I think we’re going to hear even more incredible work out of this group in the future. They don’t sound like a rock band tiring of the studio process nor the pressures that come with building a serious following, but instead like a crew of musicians who really love what they’re doing and don’t want to stop for anything. It’s not hard to get swept up by their old-fashioned, chest-pounding music, nor the potential it holds for those of us who want something more out of the rock genre in 2021. 

Mindy McCall

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