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GiGi Vega Takes On The World With “4 The Birds”

GiGi Vega is ready to take the world by storm as she emerges with her hot new single; “4 The Birds”. Blending old-school hip-hop with contemporary RnB, GiGi Vega is out to prove that she has the potential to challenge the upper echelon of the national hip-hop community. Hailing from Beverly Hills; GiGi is taking her street-savvy credibilities to the studio which serves as her vessel to pronounce the industry will take notice of her sultry vocals and innovative song structures. GiGi Vega is able to harmonize her vocals over solid beats creating an overall professional and mature package.

“4 The Birds” is a straightforward track dealing with the isolation and self-awareness which came out of the pandemic. The awareness of being stuck in a superficial relationship which is not meant for true happiness is 4 the Birds. A solid revolving sample driving this track forward, combining tasty percussion with deep synth waves, GiGi Vega expertly adjusts her pitch to create a self-harmonization with her fast Rap and RnB vocal styles. This effect leads to an overall dynamic filling the listening space, giving this indie track a major label feel. The groove on “4 The Birds” is dominant as the underlying funk is syncopated to the deep bass percussion samples making this a nightclub addition most DJs would feast upon.

GiGi Vega’s follow-up to “Watchu Tryna Do” is well met, as she has honed her craft into a mature package defining individuality and personality as her own. Utilizing her influences and growing into her own artist, GiGi Vega is a fresh, unique offering in this deep pool of indie talent. With this track, GiGi Vega should be able to garner much industry attention and secure production, collaboration, and licensing deals with ease. The beats used on “4 The Birds” are professionally mixed with fine attention given to every nuance of the frequencies. Club, and urban radio ready, as the high replay features are well suited to a genre in need of artists such as GiGi Vega. Overall, this track is quite enjoyable, and we are glad she has decided to take her career into the mainstream.

–Lee Callaghan



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