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Crocodile Tears” by Chesca

Vocal depth is more important than any other feature in modern pop music, and if you didn’t think so before hearing the new single “Crocodile Tears” by Chesca, I do believe listening to the song’s powerhouse singer might change your mind. Fusing the qualities of an old school crooner with the sheer ferocity of a contemporary multi-hyphenate, Chesca delivers a performance in this single that feels a lot more texturally present than it ever does reliant on artificialities and tonal charms to win over the critics and pop’s most dedicated fans, and it all starts with the potency of her voice. This is a player that I don’t imagine needing a lot of synthetic help to sound like an ace, and judging from the makeup of this piece, I appear to be correct. 

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The lyrical strengths in “Crocodile Tears” are made more or less undeniable through the calm, almost swaggering demeanor with which Chesca offers every verse to us, but I don’t think her words are sufficiently emotive solely due to her singing style. There’s an unfiltered edge to her poetic sensibilities that makes me wonder just how far she could push herself in a more stripped-down setting; truth be told, I think there’s enough of a sarcastic accent to this release for us to assume she’s got a lot more wit where this came from. She doesn’t have a hard time holding back, and that’s completely inarguable now that we have this song to go off of. 

This bassline and the synths for that matter could have been separated a little better in the master mix, but part of me has to wonder whether or not they were created to clash and produce a bit of discord on the backend. Their chaotic warring lends Chesca something to lean on other than her voice and the virtuosic lines she sews together as lyrics, and by allowing herself to be more versatile in her communications than a lot of other pop singers would in this scenario, she proves beyond a reasonable doubt that she is more of an alternative player than she is someone on a mission to score in the mainstream market. That might rub some critics the wrong way, but from where I sit it makes this artist more compelling and worthy of every audience’s time. 

A terrific mixture of EDM cosmetics and vocal-driven pop’s foundational elements, “Crocodile Tears” is content born of experimentation, and hopefully not the last of its kind we’re going to be hearing from Chesca. She’s running into a lot of competition as the year continues, but because of the way this single is wired, I think she’s going to have the chance to expand upon the concepts she’s introduced in this release a lot sooner than later. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot in this game, that much is true no matter what the genre of music in discussion is, and Chesca has a talent ready to catch fire at any moment. 

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Mindy McCall



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