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Lady Redneck Is A Stand-Out With “I Dented Your Truck”

“I Dented Your Truck” by Lady Redneck (aka Stephanie Lee) is an interesting track to talk about just because of how much it stands out amongst the country landscape. It’s the new single from the aforementioned artist, and unlike most of the songs that release on country radio, “I Dented Your Truck” is essentially a playful song that’s not taking itself too seriously.

As the song suggests, it’s about the lead singer, Lady Redneck, accidentally denting her husband’s truck. She feels very bad about it, and as such, she’s trying her best to make up for it through any means possible. It’s, frankly, a very funny song, and one that’s just quite a bit of fun to listen to.

Stephanie Lee, the Lady Redneck herself, is the songwriter, and it’s written quite nicely. The song is entirely tongue-in cheek, so those coming in looking for a serious song out of “I Dented Your Truck” may leave disappointed. Those with a sense of humour however, may find something to like here.

A particular highlight of the song, lyrically, is when Lady Redneck feels so bad about denting the truck that she decides to go shopping to help herself feel less bad about everything. Not only does it work, she also apparently finds just the ‘dearest pair of shoes.’ It adds boatloads of personality to the singer herself, and that’s the single’s greatest strength.

Lady Redneck’s delivery is charismatic and catches your attention, without being overwrought or forceful. It matches the playful tone of the song as she sings about kissing her husband until he feels better. It’s all delivered with a wink and smile, and it’s just enough to keep the song witty and light without overusing the joke.

There truly isn’t much on country radio that sounds like her, and as such, she has a unique presence. Country music fans who can appreciate the wit and performance of Lady Redneck will appreciate such an odd little piece that’s just as fun as it is interesting. We’re looking forward to more from the artist…music needs a bit more fun and wit sometimes.

-Jason Airy



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1 Comment on Lady Redneck Is A Stand-Out With “I Dented Your Truck”

  1. There is a reason why comments have been disabled on YouTube for this song; it is poorly written, offbeat, and her singing voice lacks that of a professional making it seem as though her looks are the true credit to her success.

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