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Why” (Single) by Kiara Chettri

Following up an album that functions almost entirely in the realm of pop, both in production and mentality, with something entirely different is a tough order to follow up on but there’s no denying the hunger in doing so. There’s true artistry to following your instincts as a creator over the trends that will undoubtedly fall by the wayside over time, and the only person that can truly know what you want to create is yourself.

Kiara Chettri returns hot off the release of her pop LP 4AM with the very much anti-pop piano-led ballad “Why,” which sees the singer and multi-instrumentalist tackling far more serious subject matter than what listeners will have encountered in her debut. The shift in tone and direction feel daunting to audiences and one can only wonder how Chettri feels as an artist putting so much of herself out for her fans to dissect. However, the act alone is worth giving praise to and the actuality of “Why” sticking the landing as an entirely spectacular, even if soft-spoken, new direction for the young songwriter is something worth investing in.

There’s a wide array of sounds that were tackled previously within Kiara Chettri’s small musical portfolio, but the singer was seemingly saving the tearjerkers for non-album singles as “Why” is working on another level, both emotionally and sonically. The lyrics convey deep heartbreak and confusion above all else and coming from an artist who positions herself as the sole songwriter and performer within her work, there’s plenty to admire and take away from this single in addition to her previous releases. In conjunction with the poppier releases, such as “Never,” which still tackles similar heartbreak but in a brighter light, there’s another area of Chettri’s psyche for fans to take into account.

“Why” is a brave step into a dark piece of musicianship, and Kiara Chettri’s vocals illuminate the darkness with exhilarating brilliance, opening the room up and clearing the air even when the lyrics ache. There’s never a moment’s doubt as she continues ahead at a never-shaken, steady pace against the odds, giving chase towards her success.

The surefire mentality harnessed wholeheartedly by Chettri will give listeners a greater understanding in regards to their emotional complexity, and will hopefully propel them to further their ambitions in their interests — even though “Why” will leave a sense of emotional openness in listeners, the experience will almost inevitably be a win above all else as it only further reveals possibilities for Kiara Chettri’s career moving forward.

The fact that someone so young can be so precise and professional regarding the composition behind their future and music as they move ahead in tandem is inspiring, and the movement will prove a valuable one for her musician peers and fans alike as the overall world slowly opens itself up to newcomers in a variety of creative outlets. It’s often said that the best revenge for heartbreak is a great success story, and Kiara Chettri is unquestionably breaking ground on her own.

Mindy McCall



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