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His song, Glock J3 will make its appearance on DJ X TECH’s 1’s And 2’s Underground on July 8th’s show and, will be in full rotation On Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio directly after that. Conducted a written interview with J3ThaGod – Check the full interview out below.

Hey, very happy to welcome you to the Radio Show and Podcast community. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Introduce yourself to the community.

What’s good? My name is J3ThaGod, I’m a music artist/song writer made in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m the founder of Cleveland Drill which is my music genre for the songs I’m currently making. I grew up in da East Cleveland area, and have family roots in Toledo, Chicago, and Alabama. I’m living the life I want to live, a Boss.

One thing that I’m always interested in, when I sit down and chat with artists is, what their defining moment was that they knew that they wanted to be in music… What was that moment in time for you?

It took me awhile to figure out I wanted to do music, I have always been a big fan of music since I was a youngin, and it was something I always played with. But definitely being locked up in the county, it hit me real hard, the crazy thing is I couldn’t write in jail due to COVID, they couldn’t give me a pad, or a pen, nothing. I was really just thinking a lot. I was in my head and told myself I wanted better, I don’t want to end up here again and I wanted to create a better life for my son. So dats why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Do you mix and master yourself or do you have an engineer or a producer that works with you?

I let my engineers handle that, I’m more focused on making music right now, I don’t really have time to learn it myself but down the road I am considering it, R.I.P. Speaker Knockerz but dat can definitely help da hustle.

What motivates you? Not just in your music but in your normal life as well.

My life motivates my music, everyday I’m writing bars, literally every day. I’m constantly writing because I’m constantly living. But outside of music my family, my son, my legacy, my vision, and just wanting more out of life. I have high standards and an expensive taste. I expect a lot from myself and the people around me, you know what I’m saying? And the paper of course, Money is a great motivator, its also how I feed my family and take care of my city.

I am personally on a mission to get good music heard by everyone. What is one thing that bothers you the most about trying to come up in the music world today and, do you prefer being underground or, is the mainstream something you strive for?

What’s been bothering me about the come up is the slow grind, everything isn’t moving fast enough, don’t get me wrong. Patience is a virtue, but I got people dependent on me and I got mouths to feed. I got a whole vision that I’m turning into reality and I’m just working towards it each and every day, taking things day by day. But I’m definitely striving to become mainstream.

Who, musically, is one of your bigger influences?

Rest in peace V. Roy but King Von fasho, I still listen to him almost every day. He was and still is the person I listen to the most besides myself of course.

One question that I like to ask artists is, how did Covid affect your music in particular and the music scene in your area?

COVID affected it a lot, when COVID first hit I wasn’t making music, but crazy story I had got VIP tickets to G Herbo concert, he was supposed to perform in Cleveland and Von was on tour wid em, So I was gon meet herb and Von but it got cancelled due to COVID and I neva got to meet him, because he died. Which really messed me up because he was who I was listening to the most and he just dropped a album, but I learned a lot due to COVID, my son is a COVID baby and he is something I write about a lot so it definitely affected not just my music but me in general today. And Cleveland’s music scene isn’t very prosperous but we do have dababy, lil cray is free, Q money is locked up, but I don’t see to many people really blowing up or on da rise from Cleveland, I think I’m a main one I that avenue but I got some artist dat I hang around and they helping me turn da city up.

I, myself, personally think that there’s too much social media out there to keep up with. I understand why it’s necessary but there’s a ton of it out there. What are your feelings on social media and music today?

I feel like, it’s a lot of fake shit on da internet, and me being the person I am, I see thru alot of it, and it’s sad, people always say fake it til you make it, well I’m be real until I make it, because that’s me and who I am as a person, I don’t need to front what you see is me and if you don’t like it, I don’t care, you not doing anything for me anyways. People’s opinions don’t pay my bills and take care of my family.

But don’t get it twisted, I’m just cut from a different clothe, I know people wanna show off and show out I get it, but me going thru what I went thru I’d rather move in silence, if it wasn’t so important, I wouldn’t even have any social media to be honest. And the music today is cool, it’s weird because I went from a fan to a competitor, every time I hear a song, I’m like okay, is my music better, I don’t do it all da time but push comes to shove, I want everybody to listen to me like I listen to a lot of artists.

Do you create music often? When can we expect another release?

I’m creating music every day, it never stops, my music is me, and it’s not a time where I’m not being me. Idk when this interview is dropping but I’m dropping another single in July, a banger for the summer I’m tryna turn Cleveland up.

I grew up in the 90’s, I listened to everyone from Dr. Dre, to Weezer, to Pink Floyd, Metallica, Cypress Hill and back again. I truly believe that the 90’s were one of the greatest era’s for original music. Which era of music is one of your favorites?

My answer is definitely going be this generation because I’m in it, it’s my generation of course I’m going to say this is the best one. This is my generation.

If you could swap yourself into a different artist, who would it be?

I gotta go with Dababy, He be T’d 

What tips or advice would you give someone that’s just starting out in the music game?

Be you, and if you don’t know who that is, be who you truly want to be, and dats not sum somebody can tell you, you gotta figure it out for yo self, and when it comes to this music you gotta give it yo all. Not everybody is cut out for it, its definitely an iceberg affect, its so much that goes on behind closed doors but if you got the passion and drive I believe you can do it.

I want to thank you for this Q&A, Is there anything you want to say to everyone out there? Shout outs?

Go check out my single Glock J3 on all platforms forms, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, it’s out here, look out for my single dropping in July it’s gon be a banger. Shout out to all my family, fans and supporters, and Shoot out to Cleveland, 216 turning up fasho on gang

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