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Wrath Of Amari

U.K. Based Heavy Metal – Wrath Of Amari

When I was starting up the idea for the podcast, I met these guys on on a social media site from DistroKid called I was instantly a fan of their music and, them, as human beings in general. Their particular music style is one of their own however, I would describe it as early (1980’s) Metallica flared with some Pantera. Heavy guitars, heavy vocals and heavy drum beats. The earlier work that I was privy to was a song called “Far From The Abyss” which, I have to tell you that, if you’re a fan of heavy metal, is a must hear jam. Following in those footsteps… they released a single called “Homeless Star” – You can read all about that in the full interview below.

Welcome back guys. Just to refresh everyones memory. Tell us who you are and what you’re about.

Wrath of Amari consists of Dan (guitar), Sal (Vocals) and Zahir (Bass & mixing). Our main goal is to create heavy music with a good groove and lyrics that provide motivation and encouragement towards positive mental health. We have had a few people say that our music has given them motivation when they were not feeling so great, this for us is priceless and gives us the motivation to carry on creating.

We’ve featured Far From The Abyss and Test on the show already, tell us a bit more of what those songs are about.

Far From the Abyss is about staying away from negative people and situations and creating an environment with people who care about you and help grow your self-development, not hinder it. The Test is about everything someone does on earth is a test and the choices we make have consequences on earth. Also, The Test means that we only have one life, so make it count people.

Homeless Star, is your new single, what’s the story there?

Homeless Star is about homeless people having talents and dreams too, and that they still need people to talk to and encourage them. Our message is, try not to look down on them when passing them in the street. Some people are dealt a bad hand in life and just need a little support from humanity.

Where do you guys dig up motivation for your music, what inspires you?

Making music is our release from the stresses of life. When we are in the studio or playing live, all negative aspects of our life seem to fade away. Heavy Metal Therapy, if you will. We get inspired by people enjoying our music and if the lyrics can relate to their lives, then great, if not, then they can just enjoy our musical creativity.

Sal giving a “Thank You” – to all listeners and fans.

From what I last knew about the info of the band, you were looking for a bassist… any luck there?

Well, we were looking for quite a while; however, Zahir (who used to be our drummer) decided he wanted to take up the bass in 2021 and recorded all the basslines for the tracks. Currently, we are searching for a new drummer.

Covid restrictions have been looser here lately, how are they looking in the UK? Any Plans to get into some live shows?

It would be amazing to get back out there. We had just started gaining a little traction pre- covid with a full band, but yeah, covid really halted our progress. Things are getting better here though, and we’re eager to get back into the studios and playing live.

You guys are usually rocking pretty heavy. Any plans on a ballad or is that just not the style?

We are currently writing new material, mainly due to the hard work of Zahir in creating instrumental ideas and mixing the tracks. Zahir gets a lot of his ideas from the lyrics, written by Sal the vocalist, and we are working on some new tracks to be released early 2022. We would never say no to doing a ballad and are always experimenting with new ideas. Dan and Zahir’s guitar riffs are usually influenced by what type of music they are listening to at that moment, and this is evidenced by the musical variety of our tracks.

Are you guys in a proper studio or do you record and edit personally?

With modern technology, thankfully we have been able to record and mix ourselves. As stated earlier, this is mainly due the passion Zahir has of mixing the tracks and experimenting with different mixing techniques. It’s a skill that he is working on and getting better with every track
released. Drums are always the most challenging instrument to record, but Zahir uses a sample pack based on the exact drumkit I was using when he was the drummer of Wrath of Amari. Little trivia – He used to own the custom Tama drumkit from Nolly Getgood (the ex- bass player for band Periphery). Hopefully, we will be successful in the near future with a hard rocking drummer.

I know you guys have a bit of distance between you. Does that ever pose a challenge as far as getting together and recording?

Well, Dan (the guitarist) finds it easier to work in a group setting, which has been hard to do due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, where all of us together can hash out ideas, which we have not been able to do. It is definitely better to be able to bounce ideas off each other in the same room, but what can you do. I guess in that sense, the creative process has taken a little hit. But what usually happens is Sal will record his vocals at home and send them to Zahir, in which he records the instruments into one glorious pot of bubbling, heavy metal goodness.

I’m thinking you’ve got some more stuff in the works… Any plans coming up for a single or an album?

We have been putting out our tracks online one-by-one. You always get the argument “album format is dead” and we do not believe that. But it is great to be able to put stuff out as we create it. We have talked about putting together a collected works in an album format, but no date for that just yet. However, stay tuned!

Any closing thoughts?

Thank you DJ X TECH for your support! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch us play live and listen to us on musical platforms, we recommend Spotify. It has been an honour to be played on your radio station and to have a band of amazing musicians who are also great friends.

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