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Gabrielle Saro Releases New Music

Saro might just be poised to take over the airwaves, or the streaming services, if you will, as the next international crossover. The highly educated and equally artistic, Saro, has his thumb on the pulse of modern music, with both “Back Parachute,” and “Ring My Bell.” Saro describes himself as something of a walking contradiction. On the one hand, he is a man of distinction, highly educated and astute, on the other, he has a degree in violin and film, with an affinity for artistic pursuits. One might say, that such a duality shouldn’t be viewed as alien, but typically speaking, it isn’t overly common, either.

On “Back Parachute,” Saro does his best to channel his inner, Usher, and he mostly achieves that. The piece starts with a string section that could be as simple as a lone acoustic, or a more orchestral bit. This is short lived as the music then suddenly but somehow subtly, transforms into a dance club track. Saro picks up the energy, and begins to deliver an impassioned, but controlled, vocal performance. It’s an enveloping piece, that also has a heartbeat, as Saro sings of his need for a safety net in love.

The quality of “Back Parachute” is of the superior variety. It’s certainly a “produced” track, but it’s well produced. The mix is strong, with Saro’s vocals being placed on top, without getting too hot at any point. It plays as well on stereo as it does on headphones, which the casual listener probably doesn’t realize, requires a great deal of precision and knowledge. “Back Parachute” is worth going out of your way to enjoy.

How I wish to get back/I wanna get back/what we were/maybe something more. “Ring The Bell,” oozes with romance and heartfelt sentiments, but doesn’t skimp on the passion or the attitude. This one is much more of tender love gone away ballad than “Back Parachute,” but both exist in the same domain. “Ring The Bell” is less immediate than its counterpart, but it gradually succeeds in becoming more engaging after frequent listens. The Usher comparisons are likely to be even more prevalent on this one, but Saro is so smooth that you overlook any glaring similarities.

Neither of these tracks would seem out of place on any mainstream platforms, or media that features popular music. Saro has tapped into modern American culture, and given a strong impression of his work, in the process. Both songs have the potential to garner strong numbers on streaming platforms, as well as opportunities for sync placements. It certainly makes Gabriele Saro, an artist to watch in the future, as he has wisely maintained a certain mystique, up to now. The sky may be the limit for Saro, granted he doesn’t forget his parachute.

Mindy McCall



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