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How Music Is Influencing the Next Generation of Bingo Games

You may not assume rock n roll and bingo are friends, and they aren’t in many ways. Neither are the hip-hop or country music genres. However, that doesn’t mean music doesn’t have a significant role to play in the growth of the game. Today, songs and sound effects have a considerable effect on the user experience.  

As a result, songs are influencing the next generation of bingo offerings. Regardless of what you expect to see from the industry in the future, music will always be at the forefront. Here’s why.  

It Takes the Gameplay to another Dimension  

Like most games, bingo releases are designed to increase anticipation and keep people on the edge of their seats. Therefore, developers need to factor this in when creating a new title. Take jackpot games as examples. Instead of sticking with the tried and tested singular jackpot, there are multiple windfalls in the kitty. Jackpot king at Paddy Power lets users compete for two jackpots in a single game, which is a unique take on the genre, especially since PP constantly tops up the coffers so players can win more.  

Of course, developers and operators can’t afford to take their hard work and let it slip away. They already have slick graphics and rapid gameplay, yet they need to ensure the gameplay reaches even greater heights. They do this by including different tempos of music that maintain a high level of suspense.  

Without a tracklist, even if the songs are only background music, the titles wouldn’t have the same level of engagement. Once gamers are bored of releases, they don’t stand a chance. Essentially, the bingo sector understands the importance of enhancing the storyline through music.  

Music Separates the Old from the New  

As soon as a game turns into a classic, there’s a rush to release the next-generation titles. After all, everyone involved knows they will be huge hits, and success brings esteem and money, among other things. You only have to look at the video game sector to see this taking place in real-time.  

Since 2003, for instance, the Call of Duty franchise has reeled in around $27 billion for its owners, according to an NME post. The Grand Theft Auto series, on the other hand, has collectively made over $9 billion. The same applies to the movies, where the ninth installment of The Fast and the Furious is projected to be well-received at the box office.  

Whereas video games and films have more elements to separate new from old, bingo must think of different ways to separate the previous version from the latest one. Music is a savvy tool because it changes the dynamic of a release, even if the aesthetics are pretty much the same.  

Bingo Is Edgier  

Online bingo, similarly to online gambling as a whole, is the undisputed king of the industry. The compound annual growth rate of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027 for the sector is very much down to internet-based platforms. Bingo is no different since 75% of players are believed to play it remotely.  

Still, traditional halls and bingo rooms aren’t going away without a fight. In the UK, there has been an increase in the in-person attendance figures. Part of this is down to the new product the brands are peddling. For example, loud house and tech tracks are the USP of hip, successful bingo brands, along with food and drink and socializing in the form of dancing and partying.  

This has made bingo popular among young adults for the time in a long while. Businesses throughout the industry are taking note and adopting a similar strategy since young adults spend more when they invest in hobbies and activities as they are loyal. With music being an integral part of the shift, it’s only going to be more conspicuous.   Music and bingo go hand-in-hand, so much so that the former has a huge role to play in future releases and titles. It’s already visible, but it will be easier to spot in the not-so-distant future



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