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The must-have music platforms for independent musicians

Trying to make it as an independent musician can be tough, especially in today’s world, where unstable music moods are a common occurrence as people have access to huge libraries of tracks. It has essentially led to a saturated space. You can, of course, discover some great new albums still. For independent musicians, some platforms are a fantastic option too.

On-demand platforms have certainly done more good than harm. On the whole, these types of services enable people to uncover an artist they might never have heard before. The fact that thousands of tunes can be housed on the same smartphones we use to send emails, make a TikTok or play the Irish Luck slot game certainly works in its favor also, giving users access to music throughout the day.

For independent musicians, It can be a tough decision when deciding which platforms are best for their specific style of music, though. Some products are better suited to country music, while others might be aimed at hip hop fans. Ultimately, it’s about assessing which platforms are best for you and your material.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the must-have platforms for independent musicians.


Regarded by many as being the home of independent music, Soundcloud is a solid place to start. With over 200 million active users per month, it’s a platform with a tremendous offering for people keen to share their new material with the world. Once you setup an account, update your bio, add any images, and choose the plan that works best for you, then you’re good to go. Soundcloud offers excellent social tools and sharing features that enable people to spread the word more easily also. From there, you can analyze track plays, likes, comments, downloads and a whole lot more.


A popular choice with DJs, radio hosts, playlisters, and artists, in particular, Mixcloud is the ideal platform for creators. Owning your very own channel, you can share exclusive content with fans, earn from any shows you put on, make use of services such as audio tools, social features, and targeted advertising, and essentially reach thousands of people with ease. You can also publish any additional bonus content in the form of guest mixes, interviews, and playlists. Mixcloud also offers a range of highly useful tracking tools, allowing you to monitor where your music is being listened to, alongside plenty of other useful real-time data.


Tidal, which was founded by rapper Jay-Z, is a streaming platform similar to Spotify. Still, it arguably does a better job at promoting new music as it selects an emerging artist to focus on each week. You can get pitched for certain Tidal playlists, the app houses music videos, it offers higher artist royalties than other similar products, and you can connect any social media profiles you have to your profile so your fans can follow your progress in more detail.


Providing musicians with the ability to share live music through Twitch broadcasts or VoDs, Twitch is an emerging tool being used by musicians globally. Once subscribed, you can use your personal license to share either live content or pre-recorded material. Twitch has surged in terms of its popularity in the last couple of years, as artists look at new and innovative ways in which they can tap into audiences.


Designed with emerging artists in mind, Bandcamp allows you to price your music however you want. Fans can follow you, add you to their playlists, comment on your tracks, and a whole lot more. You can use the platform to sell merchandise, too.



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