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“Real Eyes” by Motley Flower

One gets the sense while listening to “Real Eyes” that singer/rocker Motley Flower is best suited to being the observer in the room. He’s the guy in the packed bar having fun, mostly because he’s creating a story for each of the bar inhabitants. In his new song “Real Eyes” featuring Arak & Numcha the stage is definitely set for a listening experience that ignites the imagination. Intriguing and mysterious, by the song’s end, it’s clear that Motley Flower’s artistry is exactly what modern pop rock craves. 

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The lyrics Motley Flower creates are poetic and relatable. He also has a penchant for getting the lyrics stuck in his listeners’ heads. The stanza’s go back-and-forth with Motley Flower leaving, then going back, to professing love to the intended love interest. The lines that struck me the most were baby close your eyes, we are painting our sky, and when the rain is falling, honey I’m not leaving. What an interesting way of saying, let’s focus on our future, do what is best for us, but even when things are bad, and they will be, we’re in it together. He’s not leaving anyone’s side. The female singer, elevating the song with harmony and empowered vocal delivery, echoes the addictive chorus: I found a way to escape from time to time, gave from time to time, away from you

In an unexpected turn, an electric guitar arrangement hovers over the electronica bedrock. This song already had a modern vibe meshed with semblances of vintage rock, and I think the added guitar instrumentation amplifies the listening experience. Perhaps the guitar signifies the heart, the euphoria of love and passion. It’s subtle, but potent enough to make a bang of an impression. I think what Motley Flower is also saying is that there is a heavy amount of electronics and technology in our human connections – we’re texting, we’re DM-ing on Instagram, we’re liking – but at our cores, we still need that organic fever. The guitar, for me, is that combustible, undeniable synergy that is obviously the icing on the cake. “Real Eyes” felt realer when that guitar entered the arena. 

If you’re keeping score, up to this point, “Real Eyes” is making the grade. I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. I do think rock fans will want something with more power, more gut punch. This song really isn’t about that – it’s easy. It’s sit back and enjoy the bass grooves and relentless beat. Why rush things, when you can be back in that club, watching all the drama unfold. Motley Flower, not to be confused in any way to Mötley Crüe or The Motley Fool, had me transfixed from the get-go in “Real Eyes”. If you give this one a listen or two on Spotify, but sure to also check out Motley Flower’s other songs “Tennis Shoes Sister” featuring Kirin and “Funky Dog” featuring Younggu. The accompanying music videos, too, are complete works of art that prove why Motley Flower is one of Bangkok’s newest stars. 

Mindy McCall



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