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Where casino meets music: from lyrics to popular appearances

Some of the most common themes adopted by songwriters are love, heartbreak, friendship, and growing up. While love might be the dominating theme in the music industry, there are others that have risen to the occasion and paved their way to success, including the casino theme. Soundtracks with this theme haven’t been a stranger to the big screen either, with appearances in blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular casino-inspired soundtracks.

Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the most iconic performers in the casino industry, Elvis Presley’s music career led him to the heart of Las Vegas in 1956 following the success of hits like Heartbreak Hotel which climbed to the top spot in the US charts. At first, his hits weren’t to the liking of the casino goers of the 50s, since he was used to performing on stage to a much younger audience of mainly teenage girls. Yet, with 2 shows a night 7 times a week, Elvis Presley soon became a Las Vegas hit and played over 600 times on the strip across 7 years. Elvis Presley’s relationship with casino didn’t start and end with music either, as he starred in the film Viva Las Vegas, to which he wrote the soundtrack. Now, Elvis Presley is remembered as an icon in Las Vegas and performers can be seen playing his songs on stage to this day.

Since then, the casino industry has changed rapidly and, with the transition to the online space, people can access their favorite games, from Russian Roulette to Slot Machines, with the click of the finger on sites like Bonus CA. It’s perhaps for that reason, that artists like Lady Gaga don’t commit to long term contracts like Elvis Presley did over 60 years ago. The casino has become a place for visitors who expect different performers for the duration of their stay, unlike the frequent visitor in the 50s.

Chris Cornell – You Know My Name

Much like Elvis Presley, this song was produced solely for the film Casino Royale back in 2006 and rose to number 7 in the UK charts. Though not quite as popular as the other examples we have explored, it belongs to one of the most popular casino films in history. Produced to capture the newly casted James Bond character, played by Daniel Craig, this song was made with deep emotion and an edgy character in mind.

Katy Perry – Waking up in Vegas

Released in 2008, Waking up in Vegas is one of the only songs where Perry is credited as a producer, and was a pivotal moment for the pop star who soon rose to fame. Claiming the status as a global top hit, Perry’s creation could be seen enjoyed by thousands in countries like the UK, US, and Germany. With an upbeat melody, falling into the genre of pop, the lyrics tell a story of the scenes in Las Vegas. As one of the biggest casino scenes in the world, the song resonated with a lot of people who had visited the destination and really tells the story of the spontaneity that comes with Vegas. From rock to pop, the casino theme makes its debut in the music industry and these three examples belong to a group of many more casino-themed songs.



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