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7 Female Musicians Who Revolutionized the Music Industry

Music is like a culture that has color and diversity, it has a lot to offer and explore. Music is everywhere, any harmonic and rhythmic things produce can be considered music. It has a lot of significant contributions to people, arts, culture, and industry.

Some say that there are inborn talents in music. There are people born with golden voices and can play music instrument without training. Some music-skilled people are very good at writing and composing songs and music. Some people take online music lessons and get professional in no time.

Also, there are talents and skills that people should work and practiced for. Some learned their talent in music throughout the times.

History of music

The origin of music was evolving, it brought influences and changes. From Greeks and Romans, which Christian or sacred music introduced. The instruments that are first used were trumpet and lyre.

In the Medieval Period, music begins to bloom. Sacred music played in cathedrals but it is now given emphasis and appreciation. In this period there is a simple transformation of musical instruments.

Next to this was the Renaissance Period wherein music history was the “Golden Period.” This is the period in which musical instruments are being developed. From chant-based music to more harmonic toned sounds.

The Baroque Period was also one of the most important periods. It brought a lot of influences to music history. The significant thing that this period contributed was the popularizing Vocal music. Solo and tandem, they perform music.

The baroque Period also introduced concerts during this era. The developments of music instruments are also highlighted in this period.

Another was the Classical Period, music as a form of entertainment was in this period. Composers in this period focused on harmony, phrasing, and melody of the music. One of the most popular musical instruments in the Classical Period was the piano.

The classical period also plays a very significant role in developing and advancing musical instruments. After, the Romantic Period had bloomed. It was the golden age of the “virtuoso performers.” It is the period where famous composer Beethoven was known.

Moving to the 20th century, where most of the technologies invented and developed. In this era, the music style, composers, and instruments transformed into newer versions. This is the modern period where the best singers and composers are born.

Women Who Revolutionized the Music Industry

Aside from the historic overview of the music industry, it is great to know that there are also huge transformations. From how music started and now to whom the music comes from. Music icons and composers are the major contributors to the music industry.

Whitney Houston

One of the most famous icons in music history was Whitney Houston. She’s known for being the “Golden Girl” of the music industry, she is also one of the world’s best-selling pop artists. Houston is a real music icon who used her voice to change people’s perspectives towards racism.

Whitney Houston was a popular individual who believes in equality. Her music and passion brought influence to her fans and her fellow artists.

Ella Fitzgerald

Next is Ella Fitzgerald, known as the “First Lady of Song,” and “Queen of Jazz.” She was also black who had brought inspiration and influence to other artists. Fitzgerald performed during World War II.

Ella Fitzgerald considers herself as an activist who fights for civil rights. She wanted to fight for her right since her skin complexion was already an issue during her times. She usually joins the civil rights movement.

Diana Ross

Another female music icon is Diana Ross, who was also black that influence her co-artists. She was a vocalist and one of the most famous female performers during the mid-1960s. Diana Ross was an artist, actress, and record producer and that made her named “Female Entertainer of the Year.”


A well-known artist of this generation is Beyoncé. In the music industry, she brought an important role in introducing different genres. Her song has empowering lyrics because she uses most of her songs for women’s empowerment.

Beyoncé was also known as the “Artist of the Millennium.” She’s considered as one of the best female icons as she brings impact on music more than other artists can do. Beyoncé is a true icon to the music industry but also in many ways.

Aretha Franklin

Another is Aretha Franklin was a true music icon as she used her voice for civil rights. Her famous song “Respect” was being released on the year 1967, and it became a song for the racial movements. Franklin got huge respect from her fellow artists and from the people who support her.

She recorded her song “Respect.” This amazing icon wanted to show to people that every female deserves, whether she’s white or black. Through this song, she gained a lot of appreciation and honor.

Aretha Franklin is a true icon that proved that her talent has a purpose. That is how Aretha Franklin influenced the music industry.

Billie Holiday

Jazz fans and artists will always be influenced by the jazz genius Billie Holiday. Given the fact that she does not have proper training, she still managed to sing her song with her style and appeal. Her distinctive voice helped her to be famous and inspire others. She’s one of the female artists that transformed the music industry.


Madonna, who was known as “Queen of Pop,” has greatly influenced the music industry. She was the one who popularized the image of a pop star, she also one of the artists who define what diversity is. A true icon that is a pioneer of music reinvention.


These are only a few artists that influenced and revolutionized the music industry. With their inspiring stories and deeds, a lot of people were challenged to do more and be more. These music reinventions are a true manifestation of determination and hard work.



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