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Shaw-T in “Superhero – EDM Remix”

Electronica, and more specifically EDM, took a pretty big hit in 2020 with the pandemic, given that the typical venue the genre was known for dominating was completely shuttered due to COVID-19. That didn’t stop the cultivation of provocative musicianship across the underground though, and back this summer with a hot remix to get people dancing again is none other than pop artist Priceless Lion and DJ Shaw-T in “Superhero – EDM Remix.” As its title indicates, this is a supercharged version of “Superhero” made just for the club kids, but it’s not lacking the cultured center a lot of contemporary pop fans rely on for a kick these days. 

The blunt bass element here is a little bigger than it needs to be, but I for one think that it makes the groove that much beefier and, thus, all the more danceable for listeners. I don’t know how he was able to fit in as much bottom-end swing here as he did, but Priceless Lion is nonetheless able to sew some brilliant lyrical lashing into the bones of this track without losing any of the tenacity from this beat. He’s a smooth operator, even when a song is coming together before your very ears. 

These drums are a bit hazy next to the melodic parts of the music, but I get the idea that this was intentional and produced to give the synths some contrast in the big picture. The synthesizers suffocate us with their detailed, pseudo-harmonious crunch, but the percussive component in the background gives them just enough space to sound like the right fit for this composition. Priceless Lion is no dummy when it comes to intricacies, and if you didn’t think so before, you will after hearing what he’s able to accomplish behind the board in “Superhero – EDM Remix.” 

This mix of the song doesn’t tradeoff indulgence for unwanted efficiencies that I could have heard in just about any minimalist pop tune in 2021. I’ve personally had enough of the black and white pop songcraft a lot of Priceless Lions’ peers have been employing in the studio, and if it takes pushing things in a more indulgent direction to invite some of the simple frills this genre used to be known for back into the fold, I would have to say it’s more than worth it – especially at this point. 

I foresee a lot of great electronica coming out of the woodwork in the next few years, and while he’s not a pure EDM artist per se, Priceless Lion contributes something great for electronic music fans to get excited about in “Superhero – EDM Remix.” This is an excellent collaboration and a tremendously thought-threw document of both Priceless Lion’s and DJ Shaw-T’s skillsets when operating in the grind of the studio experience, and if it’s something they can spark up again sometime, I’ll be looking forward to reviewing whatever they record together in the future. After all, chemistry as fine as this doesn’t come around every day. 

 Mindy McCall



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