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“Enemy Number One” by Calvyn Cass

To call Calvyn Cass enigmatic is isochronously accurate and somewhat misleading. On the one hand, he exudes a certain mystique, but on the other, he is gregarious and fluently expressive. As a young Singer/Songwriter, Cass is confident and vulnerable, and somehow merges both of these relatively divergent traits into his sound. Originally from South Africa, Calvyn now calls Canada home, and has gone on record on how there was a bit of culture shock with that transition. Cass has always embraced new experiences as a sort of fuel for his art.


On his newest single, “Enemy Number One,” Calvyn Cass goes for a sultry but alive modern dance ballad. One look at his social media, and you can instantly see that Cass does nothing half committal, and this track is no different. Now, if you have previously been a fan of Cass’s work, you will notice an upward trajectory in musical sophistication and composition. “Enemy Number One” is a major step into Calvyn’s musical odyssey, as you can hear him strengthening as an artist, without applying any unnecessary force. For someone as unapologetic as Cass, he seems to truly know himself and ultimately be at peace with his most outstanding qualities.

Upon first impressions, “Enemy Number One,” has a familiarity to it. It’s Calvyn himself, that allows the track to be more memorable than it would otherwise be. Now, that isn’t a knock on the musicality of the piece, whatsoever. It’s standard, but serviceable Pop fare, with an EDM backdrop, that fits in nicely with most modern cargo. Cass is such a gargantuan presence, that it literally oozes from the speakers, as you hear his voice.

It’s rare that charisma can be heard, but Calvyn Cass is one of those anomalies. There’s a courageousness to his approach that most likely emanates from a genuine place. Even by today’s more inclusive standards, Calvyn Cass is a unique person, who artfully sculpts portraits of gender neutrality. His entire presentation is as much a part of his work, as his music, which essentially renders him a can’t miss prospect. Even with all of these qualities, Cass still seems remarkably grounded and centered.

Calvyn Cass is a star on the rise. His appearance alone, is enough to garner intrigue and wonderment. He possesses true talent, and is a skilled singer, which won’t allow him to go unnoticed, even amidst an abundance of competition. “Enemy Number One” is a love lost song, that transfers Calvyn’s pain from one vessel to another, with a care package that includes a healing aphrodisiac. You’re going to want to know just where Cass came from and where he is going, as soon as you hear or see him. His music is still in development, but what he has to offer, so far, is enough to indicate a distinct persona, that is rather incomparable. Whether it be a suspecting or an unsuspecting world, Calvyn Cass is about to emerge in the most stylish way imaginable, as only he can.

Mindy McCall



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