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Vineet powers 6 number 1s in 2021 in 7 months in Europe!

Whether it be the compelling adrenaline of the groove in “Dreamin’ out Loud” or the sophisticated hip-hop of “I Pray,” Vineet has been proving all year long that he’s one of the hottest players in or outside of his scene right now, and his latest achievement of scoring not one or two but six different number one singles on the European Indie Music Chart Top 100 is further testament to his place in the hierarchy of rising pop musicians around the planet right now. The first couple of months in 2021 saw immediate success for his brand via the one-two punch of “Dreamin’ out Loud” and “Can I Go Now,” and as the year continued forward he’s done nothing but continue to impress critics and audiences everywhere with his skillset. 

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“Jab the World” was Vineet’s third #1 on the EIMC, and given the social relevancy of the track’s message, it should come as no surprise to anyone that it’s remained one of his most-streamed songs online through the past three months. With elements of alternative rock and synthpop constantly shadowing his uniquely melodic vocal, versatility has never been a problem for this player, but quite the boon to his sonic profile. Instead of cultivating his identity around a singular genre or aesthetic within the pop music universe, he’s remained flexible and willing to evolve alongside the material he’s producing, which is something I just can’t say for a lot of his American and British contemporaries this summer. 

“So New” and “I Pray” continued the artistic trajectory their three predecessors to reach the #1 slot did in 2021 but with a slight difference; they were mastered with a slightly insular bend to their beats, allowing for Vineet’s vocal to take on an even greater presence amidst the instrumentation. There’s no ambiguity nor poetic redundancy in his lyrics, but even if there were, the mood he’s able to shape with little more than his tonal expressiveness is something to be marveled at. He’s thoughtful in his verses and ambitiously virtuosic with his performance when it feels sensible for the studio and not the least bit indulgent in a negative fashion, and my gut tells me that he’s going to get increasingly more in tune with his talents as time goes on. After all, songs like these – and the success they’re yielding for him – don’t lie. 

Vineet’s latest #1 on the European charts, “Turning Back Time,” is trending hard on streaming platforms at the moment, and its controlled groove and limitless swagger are likely the reasons why. There’s so much to be said about how much he’s matured in such a short amount of time, but his recent certification from the European Indie Music Network sums it up rather perfectly. The hardware speaks for itself in this situation, and if you haven’t heard Vineet’s work thus far, you’re part of a growing minority among music lovers across the planet. This man is going places, and his achievements in 2021 verify as much. 

Mindy McCall



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