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Isabella Castillo, Michael Castillo, Descember Bueno Release New Single

Mixed aesthetics are the new standard in pop experimentation, but in the new single from Isabella Castillo, Michael Castillo, and Descemer Bueno, “Tears of Blood,” they’re as much the cornerstone for compositional charm as they are the tipping point for a bold political statement. Delivering verses from the front lines of a war on tyranny, these three players assemble a breathtaking compilation of rap, pop, and melodic Cuban folk music in this track that stands in the face of those who would smother freedom. It’s a powerful statement piece and a taste of something I’d like to hear more of in the future. 

Melodicism is never absent from this mix in favor of accentuating the brawniness of a verse of the adjacent instrumentation, which is more than can be said for some of the equally politically-charged content I’ve heard in the past year. The passion in the music is evident not just through aggression but via an attention to detail that has been incredibly difficult to find in the majority of material to land on my desk in the past year. There’s nothing forced nor overstated just for the sake of show here, and that alone makes this a worthwhile listen. 

I really dig the natural flow of this performance despite the different styles being worked into the artistic narrative of the content. The Castillos sound as comfortable in the booth as Bueno does, and although there’s a certain amount of punch I’m getting from the hip-hop element in “Tears of Blood” that isn’t quite as evident in the more melodic moments of the music, it doesn’t stick out enough to make this a predominantly rap-oriented piece. Everyone is giving something equal to the grander scheme of things, which isn’t as common in contemporary pop collaborations as you might think it would be. 

The chemistry between these players is compelling for sure, and while they’ve each got something special they’re bringing to the table, it’s the collective force of their performance that really induces the most chills in “Tears of Blood.” The strings and the verses dance together rather than competing for our affections, and the differences between the three vocals in the mix contribute a sense of togetherness that might not have been present were there not as diverse a foundation in place here as there is. Thoughtful songwriting matters and this is a track that proves as much. 

Selflessly dedicated to the narrative, Isabella Castillo, Michael Castillo, and Descemer Bueno have a lot to be proud of in “Tears of Blood,” and I think it has a good shot at getting an important message out to the masses this year. While the struggle for freedoms around the world has been ongoing for centuries, so has the soundtrack surrounding the fight. “Tears of Blood” is a great addition to the story of the revolution as it’s been known by these three musicians, and if you’re in the mood for something inspiring this August, this is a good track to check out. 

Mindy McCall

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