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J’Maurice Release “Facetime”

Facetime, is something most of us have  either done, or are at least familiar with the concept of. For Rapper, J’Maurice, Facetime is a way to keep the spark in your relationship, if you can’t be with your significant other. His new single, appropriately titled, “Facetime” is an R-Rated romp, that is, if nothing else, entertaining. It’s always debatable as to whether you should make references to fads in your music, even if they are “socially” based. Because technology is now such a prevalent and consuming aspect of our daily lives, it’s virtually impossible for it to not invade modern art.

J’Maurice was born in Kingston, NY, and absconded to Dallas at a young age. He would shift from place to place, a few times, including a short stint in Kansas. It seems DFW was destined to be his domain, though, as he now plies his musical trade in the Big D. By his own admission, J’Maurice was a lost soul, before discovering Hip Hop music. He cites his obstreperous upbringing as the catalyst and inspiration for his decision to pursue a career in the creative arts.

“Facetime” is certainly a work of a mature nature, as J’Maurice gives extremely graphic details of what will be transpiring. His delivery is fast and furious, and at times, you may feel as though you’re struggling to keep up. While his style isn’t quite Busta Rhymes levels, J is unquestionably, inimitable. The chorus features an unnamed vocalist, who provides the catchy title line. There’s so much collective energy in the track, that much of the profanity/sexual references are nearly camouflaged.

You could say it would behoove J’Maurice to slow things down and enunciate a bit, but his tempo is his hallmark. “Facetime” is a song that radio would be eager to embrace, if not for its explicit nature. Regardless, the song has the potential to find cult success as a novelty piece. It’s on par with anything Afroman has ever done, albeit after a 4 pack of Red Bull. It’s J’s enthusiasm and friendly intensity that is most likely to expand his fan base.

The production on “Facetime” is fundamentally strong. There are so many separate tracks, that the mixing could have become something of a logistical nightmare, but what we get is remarkably coherent. J’Maurice has something of a distinctive style, even if the arrangement he’s going for here, is somewhat standard fare, though no less enjoyable for that fact. The promotion for “Facetimie” will be pivotal in preventing the song from becoming forgettable, which would be unfortunate. The track is well written and even more enthusiastically performed.

J’Maurice continues to make music as a statement to his early life. He exemplifies music as being more than just a momentary aphrodisiac, and equally as much of an indefinite cure for apathy and misdirection. When he speaks about his music career, he never fails to credit it with essentially saving his life. J’s passion and ambition is primed to motivate him to likely exceed even his own expectations. Now that the work is finished, J’Maurice is more than ready to face the music.

Mindy McCall

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