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Steven P Hamm “America’s All American Actor”

Steve Hamm is quickly becoming the face of America with his rugged good looks and his sexy persona. The rising actor is a retired army pilot who has been deployed to Afghanistan and pretty much the scariest places on the planet. Now he “marches” to a different beat.

He is well-versed in army rhetoric and ready now for a different kind of action. Aside from steadily accomplished acting career Steve is also a successful model.

His low-key vibe is getting him roles left and right. He has recently recorded a role in the highly anticipated audiodrama  “Dead Exit”, is currently getting ready to be featured in the indie film “L.A. Crime Story,”  and has even done voice over narration  for audio books. 

I shared some intimate questions and answers with Steve regarding his career…. 

As your career escalates, what continues to keep you motivated to follow your dream and keep it escalating, even though the entertainment biz can sometimes be a rollercoaster?

A passion for acting and a positive mindset. It’s a very liberating experience to bring a character that someone has created to life. The entertainment business is definitely a roller coaster ride. I don’t focus on being famous or rich. Each day brings new opportunities around every corner.

What first sparked your interest in acting and modeling?

My interest in acting started at a very young age even though I didn’t realize it. I grew up as an only child so I would make up characters and act out scenes to have something to do. This interest faded as I got older. During the summer, in between my junior and senior year of high school, I decided to participate in a high school musical “Anything Goes”.  This renewed my interest in the arts. Modeling didn’t come into the picture until 2013.

How do you think your former career of army pilot helps you in the acting field, if at all?

The military has a rigorous training program for pilots. There are checklists to follow and paying attention to detail is essential. This mindset helps in the acting field. You need to develop a routine for preparing for auditions as well as following all the instructions given. If you can’t follow simple audition directions, how are you going to perform when cast for a project. 

Being on time, knowing your lines, and capable of taking direction/redirection well (without a negative attitude) are qualities that casting directors, directors, and producers look for in potential casting decisions.

The entertainment and acting career can sometimes be a long and winding road, what has been your biggest challenge thus far and how have you attempted to conquered it?

It is a very long and winding road. The biggest challenge for me is becoming vulnerable. As a military veteran, your taught to control every situation possible and never show fear. Vulnerability for an actor is very essential to bring the best performance possible. I am slowly conquering it by telling myself not to worry what others may think, whether during an audition or on a set. 

The best part of the entertainment business is that there isn’t a set path to follow. Everyone can carve their own way. If you are committed, anything is possible.

When people approach you asking for advice regarding acting, what do you tell them?

I tell them to take acting classes!! This is so important. Find the right teacher and learn how to act. These classes will also teach you how to act in front of the camera and on a set. Then work on getting headshots. Your instructor should be able to refer you to some reputable photographers. 

There are also millions of YouTube videos with tons of acting information. Search them out and get as much information as possible.

Has your approach to the world of acting changed since you first began your journey?

My approach has changed a lot. When you first start out, you want to be cast in just about anything. The more projects you’re in, the more experience you get. As time goes on, and you’re experience level grows, you may start to get picky about what you submit for. This is the case for me. I know my brand and what roles would be good for me. 

I use an acting coach for my auditions. She helps me break down the script and characters, then provides tips and advice so I can submit a quality performance.

Once I submit, I clear my head and move onto the next thing. One simple rule- don’t worry about what you can’t control.  

If you could change anything you’ve done in your life, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything. All my past choices and experiences have made me who I am. I use these “pearls of wisdom” to help me navigate life, seek out new opportunities, and make the best-informed decisions. 

Who or what has been most influential in your career thus far?

Denzel Washington and Jessica Chastain have been the most influential people in my acting journey. They are two top notch professionals who deliver superb performances every time. I admire they’re dedication to the craft. 

What projects are you involved in now and hope to be for the remainder of 2021 and beyond?

I’m currently involved with several projects. I’m playing a Private Investigator in “LA Crime Story”, the Director of Central Intelligence “Johnny McCance” in “The World Mission”, “Agent Chandler” in “Dead Exit” (an audio drama), and working on my second audiobook narration “Black Oak” (a western drama with a supernatural undertone).

I enjoy keeping busy and always eager for an exciting adventure in this business.

The official website for Steven P.  Hamm may be found at

Interview by Eileen Shapiro



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