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Exclusive Interview with YoYo Nagase

Hi Yoyo, pleasure to chat with you today! So tell us about your upcoming single, Sunrise!

This one is a super upbeat and joyful song that’s easy to sing and dance to. My last two songs, “City Lights” and “rocketship”, both dealt with the confusion and uncertainty of a long distance relationship, but “sunrise” is about breaking free from all that. It’s just a fun and energetic song that I had a great time writing, and the instrumentation reflects that–the guitar and drums in this one make me want to dance every time I listen through!

Exciting, we can’t wait to hear the full song, and can you tell us a little bit about your Sunrise Challenge that you’re undertaking?

The #sunrisechallenge is a challenge that I have started where I post a montage of waking up and hanging out at sunrise to help promote the upcoming song. The montage is played over an unreleased snippet of my song – so check it out to hear a sneak peek. I also definitely encourage people to join the #sunrisechallenge by posting their own montage using my audio!

As a relatively new artist, what is one thing you want people to know about you going forward?

I want people to know how much it means to me when they tell me that my music touched them. When I pour so much myself into these songs, it really is an indescribable feeling to have someone tell me that they love it or that they relate.

I also just have to shout out the support from friends, family, and new fans–it’s what drives me to work on my music everyday. I haven’t always been confident about my singing ability, and the support from my close friends and fans gives me the motivation to keep writing and practicing. 

What draws you to pop as a genre?

Pop has always been my favorite music to listen to. I love that at its core it is such a simple genre, but it’s up to each artist to take that simple foundation and really make it their own. Great pop songs aren’t just great by the chords and melody, but by the subtleties of the instrumentation, the vocal layering, and the unique story being told. All of those technical aspects play such a big role in conveying emotion, even though most listeners aren’t thinking about it. As an artist, it’s such a rewarding challenge to play with all of those aspects of the song in order to create a clean and catchy final product.

And finally, what can our readers do to support you going forward?

Firstly, thanks so much for the time! People can find me on instagram @yoyonagase, on tik tok @yoyonagasemusic, and my website!

End of Interview



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