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“Do You Think That I’m A Fool” by Caroline

Caroline delivers an unbeatable pop track with the irresistible single “Do You Think That I’m A Fool”. With just enough luster and sparkle to give the final press a younger vibe, as you listen and peel pack the layers, as is most of the time in life, there is more to Caroline’s voice than meets the ears. Her infectious confidence and driving beat aside, one soon figures out that there is more behind the song, and curiosity at every turn. “Do You Think That I’m A Fool” gets the hips shaking, the toes tapping. This song is anything but foolish. 

Caroline’s pristine vocals are an immediate connection. When she sings, she has this way of coo-ing like Gwen Stefani. Caroline comes across very approachable – there’s an instant rapport. Something about her when she sings gives the listener the impression that she’s coming from a place of pain or hurt. When she sings, you’re wrong, I’m not falling for your games, you get the sense she’s both said that one face-to-face, as well as thought it. She has been prejudged. I liked that there’s a bit of a spunk there, a bit of sassy. She’s not taking anyone’s attitude and she’s presenting herself as the one holding all the cards. 

You don’t make the rules, she sings. Again, I feel like she’s coming from a place in her past where people have told her to be a certain way, act a certain way and perhaps perform a certain way. I think this song is her anthem, her grand gesture. I think it can also be about being in a toxic relationship, one that has grown its course. 

Like many great pop songs, “Do You Think That I’m A Fool” hits a different melody about the song’s bridge. Caroline doesn’t disappoint. I loved the changeup, the vibrancy she presented. It felt like this song, from start-to-finish, showcased her artistry and her authenticity. I’m not hearing the changes and the variety in other pop songs like I heard in Caroline’s track. I’m quite impressed, and frankly excited to hear this one. It’s a quiet thrill, a slow build with a fun beat that by the song’s end, feels so refreshing. Her voice takes on several octaves, and she shines from each stanza to the next. You feel a presence. Something tangible is happening – something that you can’t fabricate with a computer behind a studio wall. “Do You Think That I’m A Fool” is a top contender for one of summer’s (or the last hurrah of the summer) hit singles. 

Caroline worked with BMI Award-Winning songwriter and producer Dan Book (Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato) on “Do You Think That I’m A Fool”. His stamp is evident, but what isn’t known until you dig a bit deeper is Caroline’s very open struggle with her mental health and anorexia battle. Once you know this, the song takes on a whole other world of expression and honesty. Her courage and her open-diary attitude is incredible. 

Mindy McCall



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