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Digital marketing for musicians in 2021

Musicians have to market their tracks like they are living in the future. Social networks and musical platforms are the best options. Today we will focus on Facebook as a tool for musicians for marketing. Facebook is the biggest social network around the globe. As of now, it’s the most powerful advertising option for the marketers. Do you wanna know the new Facebook and Instagram ad trends? Wondering how you should optimize your ad campaigns to improve their results? In this article, you will discover trends that will affect Facebook ad results in 2021. 

Make your ads look like organic posts

In fact, all the new advertising trends in this article will be specific, except for the first one – it is general. Always pay attention to the promotional content you post to your news feed. Before that, you need to have a little tribe. The followers base have to be very active and like your posts to get more organic boost from the algorithm. For instance, you can buy Facebook likes and let active people engage with your posts. 

Ads that a user sees in their feed should be in harmony with the overall style of that feed. Make your advertising posts look like regular organic posts for your target audience. The best ads I’ve come across and the ones I’ve run match users’ news feed in terms of text and images. When ads merge with other feed content, people are more likely not to scroll down and read them.

But it is important to maintain a balance here. On the one hand, ads should be similar to organic posts, but they should also have a twist to make them stand out a little. And then we’ll look at how to do this.

Use a relaxed communication style

Many advertisers use boring language in their ads. One of the important trends in social media advertising that is becoming more and more relevant is the relaxed communication style. Remember that Facebook and Instagram are platforms that millions of people use on a daily basis, so a less formal style of ads and posts is fine.

For example, if your target audience is between the ages of 20 and 30, think about the communication style they use with their friends. Try to match this style. This is a fun experiment and often works very well. If your ad copy reflects your target audience’s communication style, your ad results will improve.

Of course, if you find it inappropriate to neglect the basic rules of grammar or drop punctuation marks, don’t do it. Just use a more casual and informal style of communication in your ads. Experiment.

Shorten the length of the video

I keep repeating that all marketing moves towards video, and that’s true. This trend will continue in 2021. If you “liven up” your ad, it will attract more audience attention. There are two things to keep in mind when creating a video.

First, don’t go overboard with quality. Video ads do not have to be professional and look like TV ads. In fact, videos captured with a smartphone can be very effective. They will look more like organic feed content. The main thing in a video is valuable content.

Second, keep your videos short. Often, companies and marketers are intimidated by the need to create a video, thinking that they need to shoot and edit at least a 3-minute video and scripted video. One way to make this process easier is to simply create short videos. You might be surprised how much content a 20-30 second video can hold and how effective it can be in your ad.



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