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The Most Innovative Music Events

For the past decade, music has become increasingly inseparable from technology, mainly due to the rise of streaming platforms. However, in recent years, the music industry has further deepened that bond by expanding into the realms of artificial intelligence, gaming, social networking, as well as augmented and virtual reality.

So, how exactly have music events evolved as a result of new and innovative technologies?

Music and Gaming 

The bond between music and gaming isn’t exactly new: any seasoned video gamer will tell you that many of their firm favorites are comprised of stunning graphic displays, but most importantly, accompanying soundtracks that have them singing along.

For example, FIFA is renowned for platforming some of the world’s most exciting artists and each new release brings with it a new range of talent. Avid fans are often as excited for the diverse soundtrack as they are for the gameplay itself. In addition, Rockstar Games are on the ball as developers in that their star product, GTA, has become synonymous with the car radio feature that enables players to skim through radio stations and select music of their choosing as they ride through the city and go about their adventures.

Let’s not forget that many classic casino games, now available online, provide virtual slots and bingo rooms inspired by famous bands and artists. Some examples of themed slot machines and bingo games include the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, with these games of course featuring some of their most iconic songs.

Outside the online world, events bringing music and gaming together have also been made possible. During these one-night events, popular games are played while players enjoy a festival-like atmosphere with different acts and nightclub vibes. For instance, events such as Bada Bingo host bingo parties, which include live performances, games, bingo tickets, dancing, and many surprises.

Virtual Concerts

Much like traditional games and movies have moved online, finding new mediums such as gaming websites and streaming platforms, the music industry has also adapted to new technological advancements. The best example of this is virtual concerts. While the experience of a live physical concert is almost impossible to replicate, these types of events have pushed the boundaries of traditional musical events.

We are talking, of course, about the emergence of the prolific Fortnite virtual concerts. These events allow gamers to attend mini-concerts, in which avatars can interact with the environment surrounding them while watching some of their favorite singers. Several bands and artists have premiered albums and songs on this platform with millions of fans in attendance, with featured acts including the likes of chart-topping artists such as Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Marshmello, and J Balvin. 

In addition, platforms like Looped allow artists to create a virtual space and sell tickets, stimulating the experience of a regular concert. At the same time, the platform Wave turns artists into digital avatars and designs virtual stages where they can interact with fans.

Virtual reality musical immersion experiences are also gaining momentum, with emphasis on companies like ViRvii, which allows fans to explore the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine while listening to the iconic album. Pexels

Silent Disco

The Silent Disco concept emerged in the Netherlands in 2005 as an alternative to regular parties. The objective was to hold parties without infringing noise rules in big cities and also avoid contributing to noise pollution.

The concept is relatively simple: partygoers are given individual wireless headsets upon their arrival and using it they can choose from a variety of DJs performing live at the party and change whom they want to listen to whenever they want. In fact, these parties aim to promote musical diversity, since different styles are being played. Some variations use smartphones and apps, but the main concept is the same. 

These types of events grew so popular they began to be held in iconic places such as museums, art galleries, or warehouses. Notable locations such as the London Museum of Natural History, Paris Gare du Nord Train Station, aquariums in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and the Paris Zoo have all held silent parties.

Ultimately, all these events prove how significant technological advancements can be for the music industry, but also how technology can expand and improve musical experiences while benefiting listeners and artists alike.



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