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Studd Da Kidd Introduces DRH Consulting

Patronage of the arts is an idea whose time should come again. San Antonio based performer and entrepreneur Studd Da Kidd is the driving force behind a vision for what patronage might look like in the 21st century music world that, with proper exposure, can serve as a blueprint for future efforts in this vein. Her company DRH Consulting works on fostering a nurturing environment for artistic talents including studio access, coaching for record label start-ups, healthcare, and housing.

The company will soon be help stage Exposure Explosion Festivals throughout the country. This weekly synthesis of small business marketing, interactive multimedia, and entertainment will showcase up and coming talent in different states and cities. It is often said the cream inevitably rises to the top and that’s often true, but meaningful assistance in times such as these is always worthwhile and desirable. Providing an accessible and well promoted vehicle for artists to get their work “out there” benefits everyone involved.

There’s no question, however, that Studd Da Kidd is far from finished. These impressive ambitions, soon to be realities, are among the first salvos in an innovative path she intends to blaze through the modern entertainment landscape. She recognizes the enormous capacity herself and others in her field possess to better communities and individual lives through their creativity. Moreover, she comprehends how providing forward-thinking forums and vehicles for that creativity to blossom can transform lives.


You will not find any sense of self-aggrandizement or commercialism surrounding DRH Consulting or its projects. It isn’t difficult to suspect that Studd Da Kidd is, in some ways, paying it forward. Either someone did something similar in her life, perhaps a group of people, or else the lack of such influences in her own formative years enlightened her about the need for action such as this. This is legacy building of the highest order – not for glory, but to leave a path for others to follow and realize their own dreams.

It isn’t difficult, either, to predict the Exposure Explosion Festivals will produce many memorable moments. The next lap or turn in an individual journey will begin on its stages, in its audiences, at its booths, and beyond. DRH Consulting isn’t authoring this experience, however. Think of its upcoming festivals and projects beyond as supplying gifted creators with the appropriate canvas for their skills.

Let’s hope Studd Da Kidd’s efforts spark similar ambitions in others. DRH Consulting will inspire many others to provide a stage, literal or otherwise, for creative spirits to express themselves. We need forces such as this leading the way more than ever before. Increasingly strapped arts budget already felt the constricting pinch of modern economics before COVID hit, but they are now reeling more than ever before. There is a public out there looking to support artists, however, and other creatives are looking to take care of their own as well. Supportive organizations and efforts are something to keep looking out for and throwing the full weight of your enthusiasm behind them.  

Mindy McCall



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