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“Regeden” by Johanna Rittiner Sermier

“Regeden” is the exceptional new single from Switzerland singer/songwriter Johanna Rittiner Sermier. Sung in English, this stirring sonic journey is truly like no other. One is hard pressed to find a specific genre that adequately describes this gem, “Regeden” is in a stratosphere all to itself. Spending just a few moments, ruminating in the circular waves from the guitar, a listener might find themselves simply transfixed by Johanna’s voice. Like the rolling thunder, the guitar rolls in-and-out of the soundscape, only returning with higher flare and almost dainty tendrils beneath the songstress’ echoing range. 


Maybe a bit New Age and a speck of folk, “Regeden” flows along like a stream picking up genres along the way. What stands out most, frankly, is Johanna’s voice. She has such a mystery to her, an aura of cathartic emotions that need to be released. I can’t quite decide if this song made me want to crawl into a blanket, sip on some hot tea and watch outside the window. Or, is it the type of song that gives you that second wind about halfway through the day – the strength to power through the muck. Johanna has this restless renegade fire that is almost trembling, the little embers fall upon the guitar strings. I loved the melting of her voice and the charging guitar strings. You can hear those moments between the breaths. “Regeden” colors the air with a variety of tones and moods. 

Those tones might be dark purples and blazing reds, and everything in-between. Johanna’s voice sends the listener away, to another corridor. She keeps this song close to her heart. I think she has a sensitive nature and wears her heart on her sleeve. I surmise that this song is about the struggles of being separated. It’s like being in a relationship with someone that is emotionally distant or isn’t present. Johanna sings as though she’s feeling bad about herself, and that she’s looking to see what it’s inside of her that can be changed. I think it’s brave that she sings in this manner, and that she reveals different layers to her mindset. The guitar, too, patterns in that same way. It’s an almost living thing, rounding its way around her voice like a shadow figure. 


“Regeden” has me sharing in these moments, wanting to dive deeper into Johanna Rittiner Sermier’s catalog. She’s been known to blend in operatic singing styles to her music and “Regeden” towered me. I was blown away. I fell down the rabbit hole and listened to a few more of her singles and also loved “La Liberta” and “Run, Run, Run”. Sometimes she sings in French and though I’m not able to translate, I just know that her voice and her music makes me feel alive. I want to keep discovering where her voice takes me, and selfishly speaking, I want to feel that flight, that freedom in knowing I’m listening to a true artist. Johanna Rittiner Sermier is exquisite and “Regeden” is one of the year’s best. 

Mindy McCall



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