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SevvTheArtist Releases Some “Sunshine”

Sometimes, all it takes is the warmth of the sun to lift us up from the low places we fall into when we’re often at our most vulnerable, and the new single “Sunshine” is all about celebrating this very notion. In both the song and the music video, SevvTheArtist borrows from traditional R&B concepts and contemporary pop cues to make something quite fluid and unpretentious, but that isn’t the real reason to give this track a listen. Between her heart-melting voice and the harmonies it conjures up in this performance, SevvTheArtist has it going on here like few of her peers do this autumn. 


The lyrics are pure poetry in this single, and their imagistic tone does a lot to authenticate the emotionality of their narrative – however, that said, they aren’t made to overstep the melody created by the instrumentation here. “Sunshine” benefits a lot from its surreal use of harmony, but that harmony is often made up of a give-and-take relationship between SevvTheArtist and her medium that is beautiful to witness unfolding, especially when it’s in such a controlled space as the one we find in this well-arranged studio version of her latest composition. 

This percussive element is nice and easy beside the bassline, and personally, I don’t think that SevvTheArtist needed anything more to create a dynamic groove capable of shaping a mood all on its own. There’s always a big part for drums to play when considering the emotional output of a slow jam, but this is a case where the artist is doing enough to appropriate the beat through her own dispensing of lyrics as to prevent the percussion from ever winding up sounding exploited or, God forbid, plasticized. That’s a hallmark of a true professional, and it’s something she’s doing quite brilliantly in this piece. 

The production quality of the music video for “Sunshine” deliberately highlights the soft-spoken nature of the source material more than it explores the parameters of its visual scheme, but I think this was the right way to make this offering work. If tonal charisma is the name of the game, this video is making it clear like nothing else could have, and I believe there’s something to be said about what SevvTheArtist’s contemporaries could potentially learn from trying to follow a similar format with the music they make on their own – especially in the melodic trap movement. 

I’m really vibing “Sunshine” lately, and I don’t think I’m the only hardcore R&B aficionado who has been judging from what the streaming numbers are looking like for the song’s all-new music video. SevvTheArtist is putting down a classic in this recording, and whether you’re new to the best of what current R&B has to afford the greater pop genre in general at the moment or not, I believe you’re going to find her work in this single to be just as magnetizing as I do. “Sunshine” is as nourishing as its title would suggest, if not a bit more so for those hurting for a good slow jam to enter October with. 

Mindy McCall



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