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ALYST Drops New Single

The newest single by Kentucky born R&B artist, ALYST, seems to adopt the same creative licensing as his name. “Gleeming,” is an ideal length for a single, albeit with a relaxed pace. While we don’t know much about ALYST’s early life, he did reveal some vital facts in a recent interview. With a name like ALYST, it’s no surprise that the man behind the persona is tremendously ambitious. He says winning a Grammy would be his ultimate objective, and essentially guarantees he will do so.


It’s unclear if the misspelling on “Gleeming” is an intentional personalization, or a glaring oversight. ALYST comes across as someone who plays by his own rules, and cruises at his own speed. As with many instances within the overlapping loops of his respective genres, “Gleeming,” could be described as minimalistic. There’s a repetitive beat that packs surprisingly dense lyricism. Most of the content is self-aggrandizing, but there are some kernels of depth, contained within.

My bankroll blingin/my bankroll schemin/I work hard for a reason. While on the surface that line might not elicit the echoes of Baudelaire, there is more to dissect. It’s ALYST’s mindset that may be as old as time, but for anyone who has ever had it, they know there is much to navigate. You hear a man with a plan, and although Mike Tyson still has the perfect retort to that statement, no one ever reached a summit, without packing a bag. There’s a bravado to “Gleeming,” that somehow comes across as more relatable than others of a similar vein.

In the video for “Gleeming,” which is currently available on YouTube, we see a simple skeleton of a production. There are only two performers in the video, one of whom is ALYST and the other, an unidentified female companion. The video does an effective job of emphasizing ALYST’S intensity and hyper focus. There’s an underworld element captured through a combination of lighting and ambience, that gives ALYST a Tony Montana like aura. Though simple and somewhat stereotypical, the presence that ALYST emits and the production quality, makes this worth checking out. 


There’s a dark horse element to ALYST that plays to his favor. With a song like “Gleeming,” you get a frozen pizza like gratification. It’s something that is satisfying in the moment, but not particularly memorable. However, it’s the masculine charisma of the artist who is presenting it that deserves further intrigue. ALYST has a confidence that comes across as earned, rather than entitled. It’s something that certain people can latch onto, and identity with. The jury is still out on ALYST and if his current incarnation is the most authentic representation of his true nature. While “Gleeming,” may or may not garner him that coveted Grammy, it’s much too early to count ALYST out of a Red Carpet run, just yet.

Mindy McCall



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