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“Ganesha” from Paul Avgerinos

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“Ganesha” from award-winning producer, engineer, composer and singer, Paul Avgerinos takes the road less traveled. This seemingly-boundless New Age rhythmic masterpiece paves the way for listeners to embark on a sonic journey swelled with charming, endearing voices and daring movements. With its ultra-moves and grooves and sometimes alternative swoops, “Ganesha” is a soothing, relaxing modern sound that will chant its way to your mind and body. Marching alongside Avgerinos’ voice and feminine touch, singer Emma Kiara lights up the song like a cinematic dream. “Ganesha” is but a small piece of the mass musical puzzle available at our disposal – and it just proves how one song can open up a whole new world of experiences. 

Listening to “Ganesha” was new for me in many ways. First, New Age music doesn’t come across my desk that often. When it does, it might be instrumental or even songs that sound more adult contemporary or world music-focused. Secondly, I had to do just a bit of research to understand the meaning of the actual lyric that was being drummed into my purview. Once I understood the connection between this word and the mantra it represented, it opened a few more doors for me. I wanted to honor this tradition and this sacred sound vessel. In full disclosure, it did take me a few minutes to figure out what I was listening to, and to really get into the state of mind to focus. From there, though, it was quite easy and enjoyable. 

Grammy-Award winning Avgerinos’ color palette in “Ganesha” is golds and reds. As the song progresses and carries the listener through, other primary colors certainly emerge. He’s careful to not take the listener too far off course, and carefully creates energies that couldn’t possibly be concocted by a lone computer. I found “Ganesha” to have an intimate sound, but one that could also be shared by a live audience. I could picture this song being at an art exhibition, or even a fashion show. It has just enough of the jarring beats to create anticipation. Then, in a twist of fate, it turns and becomes a calming mechanism. Kiara’s tenor is at a higher range, and Avgerinos follows suit with his middle-range and inviting timbre. You feel so much in their voices and their impassioned performances. That’s the thing – it’s not a traditional performance. It felt very improvised and almost off-the-cuff (in a good way!). It’s a great thing when the singers sound natural and unrehearsed. This song just melts away, only to return like the tide. 

Among Avgerinos’ impressive discography is 2007’s Garden of Delight (NAR Lifestyle Music Award for Best World Album), 2011’s Bliss (Zone Music Reporter Best Relaxation/Meditation Album), 2015’s Bhakti (Grammy Nomination for Best New Age Album), 2016’s Grace (Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album) and 2020’s Puertos (Latin Grammy Winner/Producer of Best Jazz Album). Based on this resume alone, one can only assume that the Connecticut-born Avgerinos brings a wealth of influences and culture into his work. “Ganesha” is not the exception – it’s exceptional. 

Mindy McCall



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