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The Dark and Strange Singalongs of Bleek Noir

Christopher Fox, native of the UK is a artist with a dark secret, one that shies from the light of day, yet thrives in the dark and shadowed alleys of a Gothic English Empire. Under the moniker of Bleek Noir armed with his wit and a guitar that raises the veil between worlds, he is the night. The music of Bleek Noir has been and continues to be enticing and hypnotic, and his latest offering into the darkness within.

The work of Bleek Noir has a very special place with us here at IndiePulse, Christopher Fox has created music that is for us, the freaks and Geeks, the Sideshow rejects and the phantoms trapped within a work that understands us not, he is the voice that leads us to our sinful salvations and creates a sound that is the darkness that cradles us and holds us in loving slumber, away from prying eyes and pointed fingers.

The Music of Bleek Noir is a masterpiece of dark and broody fun, with mystery and shadows Bleek Noir has brought a Victorian Era and Nuevo Goth sound to the light of day. Imagine if Halloween had an emotional cry of love.

To sum up the work of this artist would be in phrasing “what if Edgar Allen Poe had been a lyricist” or “what if Tom Waits had a thing for Vampires”, the sound of Bleek Noir from the UK is breaking boundaries

Euphoric and quite exotic sound that is, in itself refreshing, there are so many that claim and experimental sound, but this is truly imperial. I would put this to mind, and I am not sure that the artist would have expected to come up with a new type of music, but if I could give it a name, I would honestly call it “Audiorotica” – Yes, Sound Porn is now a thing!

A sound that may include echoes of rockabilly, surf, early roots and jazz music and even tones of Goth, while itself, being none of the above. Its influences are wide, from early jazz to a modern rock.

His music is a carnival ride of the senses, upbeat tempo and you can imagine a sideshow barker, all in black, inviting you into the freak show, but the freaks are not in the cages, but surrounding the cages, there to protect the innocent within. 

Over the years since we first found Bleek Noir, we have been very impressed with his music, originality and enduring powerful prose / lyrical combination, so it is no surprise that his latest musical monstrous creation is so delightfully sinister and moving.

Recorded in summer 2021, “Strange Singalongs ” might be the ultimate Bleek Noir record to date. A somewhat less angular offering, this collection of songs captures a newly refined version of Bleek Noirs’ unmistakable sound. More proudly demonstrating Fox’s interest in more traditional songwriting, and classic alternative music sensibilities, “Strange Singalongs” is a departure, presenting a more complete Bleek Noir.

The Album opens with a track called Kicking The Cage, with an upbeat tempo but embracing his unique dark sound, Bleek gives us a song that is both introspective and exposes inner peeks and dives. It is also danceable,. A Goth Dance Track- Unheard-of, yes?

We then get a taste of an 80’s beat, almost storytelling ballad of… Love Song?// The track All Over, the protagonist opens himself to the whiles of a love that seeks to rearrange him, figurative and literally.

Give It A Name is very Oingo-Bongo / Danny Elfman Inspired, Sounds like a lost track from Nightmare before Christmas, it is brilliant and like a sexy dominatrix, but delicious and oh so wonderfully vile and bewitching.

Then we find a softer Bleek Ballads, with an opening and score in the style of Spanish guitar, it’s a song that Gomez Adams would sing to his beloved Morticia – Lend Me Your Lips is Just so beautiful to hear.

Strange Singalongs is a brilliant collection of original songs by Christopher Fox, and is so worth every sinfully dark moment of obsession. This album comes after a recent and a rare Bleek Noir cover of Echo & The Bunnnymen’s “All My Colours”, from their masterful second album “Heaven Up Here”.

One would think we at IndiePulse have a flair for the Dramatic, possibly, but we love music that is unafraid to encourage the senses, and the work of Bleek Noir does just that, by captivating the images of a Victorian Era horror story and releasing it to an audience that takes that imagery and uses it to define themselves to cope with a world so mad, it makes Edgar Allen Poe’s work look like Nursery Rhymes.

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