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“Flip” by DICI

Today’s pop game is centered entirely on presence; forget the bombast that came with the rock n’ roll gods of yesteryear, and for that matter, the raucous rap crowd that took their throne. In 2021, if you don’t have a distinct signature to your delivery, you’re not ready for the big leagues – simply put, you’re not able to compete with the likes of a legit pro like Miami’s up and coming sensation Dici this fall. Dici’s name has been virtually unavoidable if you’ve been keeping up with the indie press lately, and in his new single “Flip,” he’s turning up the tempo and hitting us with a harder, more aggressive style of songcraft than he has to date.


This player is one of immense multidimensionality when he gets into the studio, and his last couple of singles have really proven as much. What makes this new addition to his discography such a boon to the growing fan base he’s been developing in 2021 is that it more or less ties together his best features in a short, juggernaut of a jam that perfectly spotlights what he does best. Some would call it condensing, but from here, I’d say it’s personifying. 

Dici isn’t afraid to be himself when he steps into the booth, and while the confidence with which he presents a verse in previous releases has always made for a critical point of interest in any content he’s stamped his name on, I think he’s being purposely reticent with the emotional foundations of this piece. It’s almost as if he wants us to dig a little deeper and inquire as to why he’s feeling what he’s feeling in this track, from a lyrical standpoint at least, as his humble vocal tone lends a new look to an attribute I’d describe as a long-running favorite of mine. It’s clear to me that the last thing he wants is to overdo this master mix, and in keeping things on a more efficient, minimalistic blueprint, I think it could be said that we’re able to enjoy all of what this composition was geared to be sonically, as opposed to the black and white of its narrative alone. 

Giving us the raw passion of a concert without asking us to brave the crowds would be more than enough to win a favorable review from me this autumn, but Dici takes things a step further in “Flip” and makes his ambitions to rise above the underground level he’s been dominating in the past year known to anyone within earshot of these beats.

I’m not even somewhat surprised that he’s been starting to score a lot of attention and positive feedback from the mainstream press in addition to the indie media, and with just a little more time to sharpen his execution as a rapper, I believe that the international spotlight is going to beckon him even closer. He’s on fire in “Flip,” and it’s going to be hard for his competition to try and burn as bright this season. 

Mindy McCall



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