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Kiara Chettri Releases “Falling”

Kiara Chettri is a Pop Singer from India, with a brand new single, entitled, “Falling.” Ironically enough, with her enormous vocal talent and star quality, she looks to be firmly on the rise. At only 17 years old, Kiara has created a bit of hysteria in her homeland. Now it appears as though she may have her eye on conquering the Western Hemisphere. With a recent feature in Rolling Stone India, Chettri has taken another major leap, towards the superstardom she openly pines for. She credits acts such as Little Mix as influences, but she’s assured to be compared to the likes of Aguilera and Grande in due time, if she hasn’t already.


Beginning her recording career, at the age of 15, you could say that Kiara Chettri has shown herself to be something of a prodigy. Her vocal efficiency and power, is something that can take many singers, years to develop. Little is known about her early training, or if she comes from a musical family. To hear her belt out the notes on “Falling,” is nothing short of astounding, as anyone with an ear can hear just how suited she is to become the next teen eidolon. Like many of her contemporaries, Chettri sounds like a singer far beyond her years, but not without the transparent sheen of innocence.

“Falling” is a piece that eases its foot onto the brake, so to speak. It most definitely identifies as a ballad, but with a chorus so huge, it will grip you, immediately. It tells a simple story of longing and heartbreak, from an understudy vantage point. It’s an easy to understand narrative, with an enormous and pounding heart at the center. Kicking off with an alternating guitar and drum beat, the two quickly merge into a soothing rhythm. Chettri then comes in with a supremely confident pitch, that’s self-aware and unguarded.

Musically, “Falling,” keeps things relatively rudimentary, opting to focus on Chettri, which is to be expected. The production is exemplary, with a crisp sound, all around, and a flawless final mix. What we end up getting is as competent of a pop song, as you’re going to hear in any corner of the world. It’s keenly timed as a release, as well, as the song has a distinctly holiday feel to it. “Falling,” wouldn’t be out of place as the featured track to a Hallmark movie, but honestly, it might be too big for that.

Upon the conclusion of “Falling,” you’re isochronously filled with warmth and inspiration. It’s admittedly more performance than content that resonates, but the songwriting is solid as well. Most likely, Kiara will be releasing more dance oriented numbers in the future, as her crossover campaign, continues. “Falling,” however, shows a burgeoning maturity from Chettri, that we just don’t hear from many artists at this point in their career or lives for that matter. After one listen to “Falling,” you will quickly conclude that world domination is not out of the question for Kiara Chettri.

Mindy McCall

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