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“Ain’t No Other Way” by Jane n’ the Jungle

Anthemic rock vibes aren’t something I come across on the FM dial very often anymore, outside of some old school riffs still lingering from the ‘80s and ‘90s on classic rock radio, but in the case of Jane n’ the Jungle’s new track “Ain’t No Other Way,” fans of contemporary stadium-shakers have something to celebrate this fall. Although there’s an argument to be made that Jane n’ the Jungle’s core aesthetics owe a lot more to pop than they do straightforward rock n’ roll, that doesn’t stop them from producing a quaking piece of material in “Ain’t No Other Way” almost guaranteed to get you headbanging. 


As we get into the guts of the song, the lead vocal seems to soar above the other melodic components without getting much of a boost from the bottom-end, and comparative to the last time I was listening to Jane n’ the Jungle, I think they sound a lot more confident and comfortable with size-centric works than they initially did. This isn’t a band that’s reticent about taking a leap with some really voluptuous beats, and if that was still being debated ahead of this October, something tells me the critics have gone silent by now. 

The vocal harmony at the chorus of “Ain’t No Other Way” is quite freeing and direct, largely thanks to its being backed by a blistering groove capable of really kicking you in the teeth at the right volume. There’s just so much more moxie, so much more unfiltered attitude if you will, coming at us from almost every direction in this single that it’s easy to see where, in a live setting, this could become one of Jane n’ the Jungle’s most well-liked and requested songs. I’m curious to hear the concert version in addition to this cut, and I doubt I’m alone in saying so. 

Without question, classic rock elements are popping up in the right moments here, but they’re mostly understated in comparison to the passion of the execution each one of the players is producing in the music video and the song on its own. Jane n’ the Jungle sound like they’re being themselves in this recording and having a pretty good time doing what they do best, which is part of the reason I found this piece to be so much warmer and authentic than anything their rivals have been putting out lately. 

It can take some time to get into a good groove as a band, but to me, Jane n’ the Jungle have found the right stride to take on the world in “Ain’t No Other Way,” and I believe this is going to become their most popular release so far. The past year was lackluster for rock n’ rollers around the planet, but out of the underground, the likes of this band and others are trying to reignite some interest in the genre (and doing an amazing job with singles like this one). Jane n’ the Jungle are leaders of the pack in my view, and they’re only getting better with experience. 

Mindy McCall



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