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“Hurry” by Vineet

“Hurry” is Vineet’s latest single and shows no fall off in his output. He’s blazed quite a trail in the last two years with numerous single releases and lesser songwriters would fall into repetition by this point. The tone of his songs has offered a needed respite, as well, from the weary grind of an unending pandemic. This idea goes far beyond politics. Vineet has been an important voice, as far as I am concerned, during this period in our shared history because his enthusiasm for life, especially music, has remained undimmed.


Even if “Hurry” deals with a thorny emotional issue, the heartbreaking end to a romantic relationship, you can hear how connected to life Vineet is. He is definitely attuned to the emotional implications of this moment. Both the singing and lyrics dig deep into the gray landscape we inhabit when something that once seemed filled with so much promise withers on the vine. It’s a subject as old as song itself, but an evergreen.

The video’s exchanges between presumed romantic partners echoes the lyrical content. Vineet has always produced interesting music videos, some thinking way outside the box of prototypical clips, and “Hurry” is no exception. It eschews a lot of the usual tropes of the form and focuses, like the song, on establishing an emotional connect with its audience. I really enjoy the use of color throughout the video. His keen eye for complimenting the song with visual imagery makes “Hurry” a fuller experience.

The song asks hard questions. I appreciate that a great deal. Songs covering this topic all too often content themselves with sentiments regurgitated from better songwriting but Vineet is reaching further than most. You get the sense he wants to say something uniquely his own about the experience. It’s probably imprudent to speculate about the song’s autobiographical suggestiveness, he certainly invests a handful of passages with gravitas supporting the idea, but it’s ultimately unimportant. Moreover, it’s probably far more appealing if it isn’t autobiographical at all.

The bare bones music for the track nonetheless hits the listener right. Vineet has a habit of setting an early groove in his songs and that’s in evidence here. His sense of comfort with the arrangement allows his voice freedom to roam. “Hurry” owes the bulk of its emotional dimensions to Vineet’s phrasing and the flexibility of his voice. He brings a rising and falling character to the song that finds the sweet spot for listeners rather than lapsing into overwrought dramatics.

It barely makes it past the three minute mark. Vineet will never be the sort of songwriter who writes three words or plays three notes when only one is needed. His dedicated work ethic has sharpened his pop song instincts to a sharp point. He’s written and built this song for mass rather than niche appeal. It reaches that goal without ever imitating other pop artists and there’s not a single hint of Vineet dumbing down his ambitions or skills in an effort to bring listeners into his fold.

Mindy McCall



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