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Single Review: Tedi Brunetti “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

If you’re at all familiar with rock n roll music, then you’ve definitely heard of Tedi Brunetti. The drummer, singer and songwriter is an icon in her hometown, where she’s colloquially known as the Queen of Pittsburgh. Now, she’s looking to start a new chapter in her storied career with her latest single, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”, which we’ll be taking a closer look at in this review.

When you’ve been involved in music production for a long time, you learn to pick up on musical subtleties and how they work. It’s an art that comes with experience and time. It’s also something that Tedi Brunetti has mastered, with “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” being an excellent example of her attention to detail and arrangement.

Opening the single, you’re instantly greeted by Tedi Brunetti’s raspy, seasoned voice giving a strongly compelling narration of the situation around her. She goes into great detail, describing everything happening around her and building up a great mental image of Pittsburgh as she slowly raises her voice higher and higher. It builds up to a strong climax, before slowing down for the chorus.

The arrangement here is, to put it simply, excellent. This is where that attention to detail and experience kicks in. Many different instruments and sections gel together, resulting in a rich and layered sound that’s mixed perfectly. Of course, great mixing is nothing with a solid performance, and thankfully Tedi does not disappoint in that regard either.

Sweet and melodic brass sections seamlessly blend with the chilled out percussion and groovy basslines. Guitar riffs blare out loud when they’re needed, and take a backstage to everything else when they’ve had their moment. All play second fiddle to Tedi herself, and for good reason. In “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”, she delivers an incredibly compelling vocal performance that really shows off her charisma and presence.

In fact, every single performance in here is solid. You could take any single section or instrument in the mix and solo it out, and still get a fun jam that’s equal parts fun and classy. It’s a testament to the skill of Tedi Brunetti and her band when every single moment of the song from beginning to end is a joy to listen to.

It’s hard to say anything bad about “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” because it’s such a complete package. Every performance on here is tight, and there aren’t really any flaws to point out. Overall, a great single from an established performer, Tedi Brunetti really shows off just why she’s called the Queen of Pittsburgh on this track.

–Jason Airy



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