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Artist Spotlight: Valerie Pascale – Angel of The North

Valerie Pascale, hailing from Thetford Mines, Canada has a family history of music and the arts flowing through her body and soul. A grandfather with an accomplished career in Opera and a grandmother known in arts circles, it is no wonder she has a future so bright.

After moving to Montreal for Her studies, she excelled in her craft and now possesses a sound level of music professionalism, making radio ready hits time after time with her distinct voice and sound. Her debut project was entitled “Can You Feel It” and speaks on being love struck in a crowd full of people.

Valerie creates music of various genres including rock, country, trap, Latin, etc. This is an impressive variety from the artist who continues to amaze with every release.  She is working on an EP with more pop songs that will hopefully be appreciated by her current audience and more.

For Valerie, music is more than just a hobby. It is a way of life. In her official video for her song Legends Never Die, now on YouTubeValerie Bourque shows all her skills in Music, Dancing and acting, an incredible video of a dark fantasy, possibly showing that demons of the soul may not be evil in nature, but created by what comes in life.

In her video for Addicted she sports a different look, and her sound is a little more pop, but her signature energy and passion is obvious, and she hits the target spot on, every time she looks into the camera, it’s like she is looking directly at you, capturing and hypnotizing you on mark.

In a recent interview, Valerie said what originally influenced her life’s path was “I’ve had a craving to entertain people since a very young age. I’ve been expressing my artistic persona since the age of 6, through figure-skating, singing and acting”.

Like everyone, I’ve had my obstacles. The one I feel ready to share with you is the most recent one.   Two years ago, I was stuck in a very violent relationship, both emotional and physical, which put my music career on hold”

I’m influenced by so many different artists such as; Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion. Some inspired me with their writing, others with their sound, voices, personalities, charisma, confidence.

On a special note, Valerie said one of her talents include being able to sing like Alvin and the Chipmunks, which shows her ability to truly enjoy living in the joy of the moment.

Valerie Pascale is a spirit that flows through the air like the silky and seductive sound of her voice, it captures you in the moment and you can’t help but sway to the beat of her heart.

Valerie can be found online:

Instagram at: @iam.valeriepascale

Facebook at: Valerie Pascale

Youtube Channel: Valerie Pascale

And on Spotify /iTunes /-Apple Music /Amazon Music



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