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“Sweetest Of Melody” by Rina Chanel

The newest single by Virginia based Soul R&B Singer, Rina Chanel, is decidedly appropriate for the holiday season. While, “Sweetest Of Melody” isn’t a holiday song, per se, it does have that Hallmark feel to it. Rina Chanel is as highly decorated, as she is talented. Aside from being able to sing in five different languages, thanks to her vocal skills. If you listen closely, you can hear some shades of a young Whitney Houston in her voice.


Virginia Beach, Virginia is something of a well-kept secret. It’s sights and atmosphere is idyllic, with a wonderful locale for a variety of activities. Virginia Beach is also home to Rina Chanel. Chanel’s path to a music career is a rather linear one. As aforementioned, she was afforded a scholarship to study singing at University. Thanks to her formal education, she’s become an immensely well rounded performer, versed in a variety of styles.

“Sweetest Of Melody,” features, Senghor Robinson, and he and Chanel deliver a romantic, but overall wholesome duet. It’s a tender R&B ballad that never drags, or gets lost in its own fanciful plight. Instead, Chanel and Robinson share a sincere sounding exchange, with a powerfully delivered chorus by the latter. The two take a vocal approach that compliments the other, seamlessly, and Chanel, especially, infuses a genuine passion. Much like Mariah Carey, this song is so well produced and performed, that it’s likely to appeal to fans of any genre.

Speaking of production, the soft and sinewy synthesizer on the track, gives it an added layer of warmth and affection. We get some saxophone action to kick things off, which provides an effective setting for the overall mood. There’s nothing excessive about “Sweetest Of Melody,” and that’s it’s greatest strength. It’s a song that keeps things as simple as possible, and allows the performers to make the connection. Chanel is likely to go on to record an amalgam of styles, but this particular genre, suits her well.

While, Rina Chanel already boasts an impressive vocal range, she is actually going to continue to Improve in that regard. She doesn’t hit any earth shattering high notes, on “Sweetest Of Melody,” but the song also doesn’t call for it. She stays around the 3 octave range for the track, but it’s possible that she could eventually make the jump to 4, if she hasn’t already. More importantly, her voice possesses character and style. She has an infectious enthusiasm, throughout the piece, that enhances the overall experience.

It certainly seems like Rina Chanel is at the impetus of her performing career. She already has poise and confidence, and of course a formal education. She’s destined to face a never ending list of comparisons, as powerhouse female vocalists aren’t exactly on the verge of extinction in modern music. Staying focused on content and maturing at a steady pace is well advised for Chanel. She has many melodies to sing in the coming years, but the most recent one, might just be the sweetest of all.

Mindy McCall



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