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“Hold On” by Patricia Bahia

It certainly sounds like Patricia Bahia is the kind of friend that we all need in our life. The talented singer/songwriter, whose work has been featured in television series on MTV, Netflix, Hallmark Channel and more, is at the top of her game in her newest release, “Hold On”. The spellbinding adult contemporary piece champions Bahia’s impeccable lyricism and at the same time, unveils a more emotionally-driven vocal arrangement. Boosted by a golden-laced guitar and steady rhythmic music bed, “Hold On” is a treasured listening experience. 


The subtle percussion mirrors the heartbeat, giving off a feeling that any moment something big, something momentous is just around the corner. You don’t see yourself the way that I do, you got a light that shines, that fire inside you, sings Bahia. I loved this line. In a time when mental health is being prioritized (or at least I hope it is), those suffering from depression or just not at their best, have this notion that the world would be better without them. Or even they have lost their confidence in their abilities – this line triggered the idea that Bahia is a cheerleader – a sage friend that reminds in the simplest of terms, that love is around them, and she as a friend is there, too. That beat and that rhythm never waver from the awesome, loving tone. 

Sprinkled throughout the track is a melodic piano. The lush bed is further evidence that Bahia’s work presents itself as imaginative and thought-provoking as the last. The music gives the listener a wide open space to internally devise their own inspiration, or even explore our human connectedness. In other words, if you’re just listening to the piano in “Hold On” there’s a feeling that we’re all tethered together and that with just one tug, we can lift up another person’s spirits. “Hold On” feels extraordinary instrumental wise, and given the extended range when Bahia sings the chorus, the song never loses its clasp on the listener’s attention. She is the foundation of the song – even more so than the music itself. It’s her performance and emotional outpouring that seals the deal. 

Back to that line that fire inside you, Bahia really delivers and shows the listener how that is important and why it’s so important to her in her performance. “Hold On” brings to mind the song “Never Alone” (Jim Brickman with Lady Antebellum). The tones and the richness in the message strike an unbelievable strong reaction. I really feel like Bahia knows her craft, and she does so much within a perfectly-packaged gift. She never over does anything or under-delivers. “Hold On” goes the extra mile and Bahia, the artist behind such tracks as “We Can Do It”, “Every Heart, One Love” and “Be Here Now” is giving her listeners even more reasons to fall for her gentle, easy-going music. If you’re a fan of singer/songwriters that transport you to a loving place, you will surely be inspired by Patricia Bahia and her new hit single, “Hold On”. 

Mindy McCall



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