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Music Marketing Tips: Organic marketing tricks to use in 2021

In this post, we will talk about three very important organic marketing tricks you can easily do online. We will cover Whatsapp, Facebook groups and hidden Thank you pages on Ecom shop. 

Use Whatsapp Status

Let’s imagine a YouTube channel that simply doesn’t want to go viral despite various measures, for example because the channel in question only sells products. The question now arises to what extent the strategy needs to be changed and which levers need to be turned in order to increase the channel’s performance while not investing a lot of money at the same time. We received an interesting tip in a clubhouse session:

In the said case, the company asked the salespeople to post a link to the video in their Whatsapp status. Since the company cell phone mostly only has contacts from the business environment (e.g. customers), there was a very target group-relevant impact. According to the user, almost 1,000 relevant visitors could be directed to the video without any budget. Important hack: Post the link of the video without an image and with a colored background so that it can be clicked on Whatsapp. Along with Whatsapp, you can integrate the Spotify system. In that case, you can promote audio tracks on this platform. Buy Spotify plays and engage with every fan if they want to explore more about your discography. 

Thank You Page When Buying In A Shop

When someone has made a purchase in your shop, this is the perfect time to show them additional products that complement their last purchase. Often at this point, thanks are only given for the purchase and an overview of the order that has been made is displayed. A lot of potential is left behind at this point.

Why? The buyer is currently in a “freaky mood”, which can be further fueled here. At this point, offer him a very conspicuous complementary product that makes his current purchase even more worthwhile. Either because the purchased product will get even better with the expansion or by offering the person the complementary product at a discount so that they get a “must take away” feeling. If there are no suitable product additions, I can also think about content that dynamically fits the purchased product

Use Facebook Groups for SEO

You hear the sentence: “Use Facebook groups for SEO” and your first thought will most likely look like this: “How is that supposed to work?” A large part of the work in the SEO cosmos now consists of meeting search intentions. Here the problem manifests itself that SEOs or editorial departments that work SEO-oriented are running out of ideas about what content they can still produce or how they should design their content plan. This is where the Facebook groups come in. A lot of valuable content for your own SEO work can be drawn from such a group – which fits your own topic. Because: In groups like this, the users discuss problems and give tips to users who have already consulted Google and browsed various websites in search of the solution to their question. Observe these discussions specifically and participate with further questions on the topic. Use this input to generate additional content for your website.



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