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Sarantos Offers The Enjoyable And Clever “I Just Don’t Care”

I dont care! handwritten on a white background.

Sarantos is following his formula of releasing a captivating hit single every couple of months, much to his listener’s appreciation. This latest offering I Just Don’t Care has Sarantos stepping outside his normal formula of uplifting and inspiring messages to deliver a heartfelt reflection of disappointment, betrayal, and being let down by those closest to him. I Just Don’t Care is a clever narrative that follows the progression of our singer feeling apprehensive and guilty about some previous action, to his resolution of giving up and walking away from a toxic relationship. Sarantos incorporates off-time lyrical delivery with syncopated beats to assist in his delivery of the message. This strategy sets his music apart from his other contemporary indie-rock/experimental peers in that he accentuates the non-traditional breaks in the melody and contrasts the harmony to give each track its dynamism. “Months of pain, All that pain, You went thru, I feel so guilty, So bad inside so mad, I, I couldn’t help you.” This abrupt, start, and stop melody is what really gives this song its kick. The main melody on I Just Don’t Care comes from the strumming of open chords on an acoustic guitar, the incidental percussion, including sparsely used cymbal rolls, add to the fullness of this track.

Listeners should pay attention to the bass fills which get dropped in occasionally to introduce the pre-chorus and chorus sections. This effective break-in sequence allows the listener a chance to process the narrative before being introduced to the emotional reflection of the singer’s current frame of mind. That sonic fullness which Sarantos seems to have mastery over comes into play again on this track, as the minimal use of samples, synths, and other instrumentation does not hinder the dynamic body of the track. As each track is mixed so all the overtones ring out clear and crisp, the bass and percussion are given plenty of bottom end room to add a groove while the vocals are free to fill in the middle frequencies with ease, allowing each lyric and vocal nuance to be heard and appreciated. As an addition to the growing catalog of Sarantos, I Just Don’t Care is perfectly placed, offering a contrasting perspective of Sarantos as a serious artist with many abilities and characteristics required to be a successful producer and songwriter. Although, this track does sound grim by my account, let me assure you that I Just Don’t Care is still an enjoyable track that offers great vocals, clever songwriting imagery, and catchy melodies.

–Lee Callaghan



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