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David D’Alessio new EP This Far Apart bring life in music so very close

David D’Alessio new EP This Far Apart is a bright and pop-ish explosion of joyful music, and it is both humble and flamboyant, with some graceful flow and sharp-witted lyrics.  David D’Alessio starts the EP off with a wonderful track titled Ain’t Looking Back which I feel really sets the pace and tone for what’s to come, with just a bit of 80’s inspired vibe, he brings it on strong.

With an energy much like early Dave Mathews, he plays with each note, bringing it all to life, as in the song Before Tonight, which has a killer horn section revival, something that is really lacking in much of today’s new music, the brass belongs in this and he proves it.  The song Crazy Love is a beautiful and emotionally rich piece of perfect, love songs that take y7ou into the moment are so driving.

Everything We Want takes you into the heart of David’s world, and he comes in softly and it warms you deep in the center of your soul. Talking With My Hands, a song that diverts into an experimental sound rhythm, in makes you want to dance, you find yourself listening for every note and becoming one with the song, breathing in the measures, beat for beat. Another lively and lovely emotional song is Spinning Bottles, life is about taking chances, and like the game we played as kids, we put our faith in chance, not knowing what it brings, but hoping for the best, and that moment where a dream may come true.

The EP ends with Throw Yourself in Front of It, David D’Alessio’s final offering of thoughts of hope and joy to be found in a life shared in love. The result is worth the chances we take, and win or lose, there is no other way to live a full life.

Considering that most of David D’Alessio’s infectious, wildly eclectic new EP This Far Apart came together and was recorded during the pandemic, our natural “go to” in thinking about its title would be that it’s a reference to social distancing. In truth, it came to him more randomly, from a sign he saw walking through Central Park one day that said “Keep This Far Apart” – which rang like a mantra in his head, only without the first word. Reflecting on the phrase, and how it connects to the project’s seven songs, the multi-talented singer/songwriter – whose last release was the critically acclaimed acoustic oriented 2014 album Some Girls – thought about relationships in general and his marriage in particular.

“Even in the greatest of them, no matter how close you are to each other,” he says, “there’s always this sort of longing between you, some mystery – like you know the person so well but don’t really know everything. You can support your significant other, but are not always each other’s only means of support.”

In a recent interview he gave to, D’Alessio says that This Far Apart is a “left turn” for him, free of pre-conceived sonic commitments and without the trappings of the acoustic guitar. Stepping back, he elaborates, allowed him to “experiment and try on different coats.” His ongoing commitment to making sure his vocals are perfect allow us to experience his vision in music.

“Music and I are in a long-term relationship that I’m never gonna get out of,” muses D’Alessio about his lifelong passion. “And sometimes music abuses me and sometimes I abuse it.  But we keep talking, working through it, learning to communicate.  We have hard lines with each other like, no violence, no lying, no cheating.  But beyond that, I keep growing, discovering, expanding, listening to everything, even the stuff I don’t want to listen to initially. I keep developing my sound because I keep listening, feeling and being open.”

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