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What do you take extremely seriously when it comes to your music? 

I guess the thing I take most seriously is that it has to be fun! That probably sounds pretty contradictory but I think if making music stops being fun it’s no longer worth doing, so I always make sure that I keep things fresh to keep the fun going!

What can you be lax about when it comes to your music? 

Well, I would be the first person to tell you that as a multi-instrumentalist I’m definitely not a master of anything. So for me with the music it’s more about the feeling and energy of the song than it is about being technically impressive on any particular instrument. It’s kind of a punk-rock mindset, everything doesn’t have to be played perfectly as long as it sounds good to you and you’re putting all you have into it!

Who is the most demanding about your music? 

I guess that person would have to be me! I definitely can get hard on myself when writing and recording music, I’m always trying to do tons of things at once and handling everything, but in a way I think that’s a good thing, it keeps me busy and makes my work ethic pretty good.

What demands do you make of yourself when you need to keep on the right track? 

I like to make sure I’m working on at least something for Modern Amusement every week, whether it’s a song, a recording, rehearsing, the comics, I make sure I keep myself working on something. And since I love doing all that stuff it doesn’t feel like work!

How do you figure out what needs to change rather than just adjusted? 

I actually think I’m pretty infamous for not knowing that haha! I can sometimes go back and forth with something forever and then finally just decide to re-do it completely and I end up driving myself crazy sometimes. That’s why I really like working with collaborators and producers because they give me second opinions and suggestions when I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.

Coming from your hometown, how does it influence the music you make? 

I’m from the Minneapolis area, which is the birthplace of a lot of great bands and artists, which is really cool. I don’t know if I would say I’m extremely influenced by a lot of that music but it’s really great to know I’m in the company of some great legends.

Are there any other influences you pull from? 

Most of my influences come from the alt-rock/emo/pop-punk scenes, like Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. I also draw from pop influences like Britney Spears and more experimental ones like Ween and Tally Hall. I think the more influences you can draw from, the more interesting your music can get so I like to check out as much as I can!

How are you trying to make sure you do the right thing for yourself and your art?

I guess just by staying true to myself and doing what I want to do without worrying about what everyone else is doing at the moment. I’ll always regret it if I try doing something to chase a trend when my heart’s not in it so I’ll make sure to follow my own path!

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