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The Rock and Roll of Emily Daccarett 

Are you making any rounds with testing out new music on the road?  

For live sets I’ve started to do more rock covers and bring out more of the rock elements in my own original songs! I wrote my new album, Yours Always, with the intention of playing these songs live  without the need of backing tracks and so far, our rehearsals have been so fun.  

What stories do you want to tell in your upcoming music?  

A common theme in my new songs is holding on to and seeking out hope, even in our darkest moments,  we can’t let go of hope. I would like to tell more stories on the struggle of having to balance our  emotions. You can be happy and yet still have that lingering sadness that won’t go away.  

Are there any rules you set for yourself when you know you have to concentrate on making music? 

I probably should have rules, but I try to not put too much pressure on myself. Perhaps that’s my rule, to  know when to step away from the song and come back to it when I’ve calmed down.  

Do you ever feel like you need to label yourself as an artist? 

I feel like ‘artist’ is a better description of what I do overall. I love to explore different ways of expressing  myself and my vision.  

Is letting the work talk for itself a rule of thumb for you? 

Yes, one hundred percent YES! It’s something my parents taught my brothers and I from a very young  age. Words, as powerful as they are, begin to lose meaning when there is nothing tangible to show. 

What are the interactions with your fans like when you hear feedback from them about your music? 

So far very positive! People tend to be excited when they hear my music. What I hear the most is that  they feel like my songs need to be or are part of a movie. I love that they can pick up on that cinematic  feeling I try to capture in my songs.  

What is a golden rule in music that you will always uphold?  

Does this song move me, or is it just fluff, if it’s the latter then I haven’t done my job as a songwriter.  Music is the ultimate form of escapism and that’s what I strive for, to get you to daydream, reminisce,  escape for just a moment. 

What’s it like moving forward after a song release?  

It’s a roller coaster of emotions. It feels amazing to finally have it out, but you are also in such a  vulnerable state, hoping people will respond well to your baby.  

How do we keep up with all that you do? 

You can follow me on my socials!  






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